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Default Fischer Audio Eterna rev1 reprod

Fischer Audio Eterna v1 reproduction
ordered from

Stock tips are OK, nothing special. I bailed on them for the Sony hybrids almost right away. Hybrids went on easily. The stock ears guides are bulky but not bad. I had extra Phonak guides so I used them instead.

They have a thick cable, sturdy plug, plastic body but seems strong. Strain relief is a bit short but hopefully better than previous versions. Right angle plug is always good for me. This one isn't as beefy as the VB but def better than the S4.

With stock tips, the biflanges didn't feel too comfy on me...or should I say in me. I went straight to the Sony Hybrids and they were pretty easy to get a good seal and good comfort. The body is a bit of a bubble but is light and not obtrusive. I have worn these for a couple of hours so far and they are fine. While I did put on the Phonak ear guides, the cable is heavy enough that it should lay fine without anything.

at moderate listeing levels on my J3, isolation is good. I can hear the occasional clikcing of my noisy keyboard as I type this and I can hear loud noises in my office but I cant hear my coworkers convo from 30 feet. The speaker phone is an occasional barely audible noise. I will give a better iso test once I go out for lunch a couple of times, but I consider these to do the job. well enough.

Fun is about right. I mean, they don't sound like they are too lacking anywhere so I don't feel like I am sacrificing or that the bass is bleeding into anything. The contrary actually. Its midbass emphasis is well contained. I have run several types of music through it and they haven't left me feeling like I am missing anything huge in any genre. that's a huge accomplishment for me. They also have decent bass from my 3rd gen touch. Another huge accomplishment. Now for the question EVERYONE will ask do they compare to the VB? The bass is slightly more midbass oriented than the VBs, but that is cool for most stuff. Its what the general public responds too anyway. I have some songs that I know have a stronger low end presence than these show, but its still there.


What it all boils down to for me is "would you buy them again if you had the chance to go back and redo your decision?" Yes. Yes two times actually. Man, $70 gets you a good set these days. Well worth the wait and the money. These over the VBs? Hard to say. AE only goes over the ear and has a moderate insertion depth. Fun sound, good bass, and nice tone throughout. The VB has more grunt, shallower insertion, tuning ports, and can be over the ear or straight. I really think this is more about fit and a slight sound difference. The EA will instantly make any music pop in comparison to stock or budget buds and has a generally appealing sound while the VB is a monster at times. That's a good thing for me. OK, that wasn't really an answer because I feel like the answer is different for everybody. Heck, for me it just depends on the day of the week or direction of the breeze. They are two great IEMs for people that demand some bass and just like to enjoy their musical experience, not analyze it.
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