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Default Problem with matrix browser with MTP mode

Hi abi.
Just got my J3 a few days ago and have been cuddling with her ever since Searched on forums for anything I need to know about her... Still there are something confusing.

I use Media Monkey, Window 7, Cowon J3 32GB with no SD card, firmware v2.23

I do prefer MTP because I don’t have to switch mode each time I want to scrobble and copy music, and I rarely copy video or pictures. Using MediaMonkey I’m able to keep the same folder structure as in my computer (configure device: copy to \Music\<path:n>. Another thing, when an album has png for album art, using MTP to transfer it can be displayed, while with MSC it doesn’t.

Hence the problem: After a while of copy-delete-recopy, in the matrix browser some albums got the thumbnail of another album that I deleted earlier. When I chose or played them, the cover art showed the right one. I thought there was a problem with the tag, so I edit the tag again, used Photoshop to save the image as baseline jpg, saved as cover.jpg in the folder, transfered them again. Still didn’t work.

Used Update Database option in System Settings. No fruit!

I switched to MSC, opened folder \System\MusicDB. There were thumbnails of album arts, named a_***. LOTS of duplicate items with different names, and apparently those duplicates were for the albums that have wrong thumbnail in the matrix browser. I tried opening the albuminf.db file but couldn’t. So I deleted everything in the MusicDB folder, restarted J3 and the matrix works worked fine again, except some albums had blank cover art.

And that’s why I’m using MSC to transfer. I still keep all the cover art in tag. No problem. Except for switching MTP/MSC mode to scrobble. I don’t know if it’s a problem with firmware. Why don’t J3 delete the thumbnails when deleting an album? Can there be any chance that my antivirus program or Window7 prevent Media Monkey to delete them? Coz in MTP the system folder doesn’t show up.

Please, anyone using MTP mode, do you have problems like mine, or how do you do it?

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