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Default tag a FLAC file in the p3

I say here how i get to tag my FLAC files to go with their artAlbum, name of the song, artist, album ..... ( i know the p3 have problem to show this thing ex.they says the album and artist of the last song mp3 you play and things like that...

1. Changer option on the player at MSU.
2. download the program mp3Tag .
3. FLACs put files in a folder with the name of the album and artist .......
i put in folder option (music folder with the image of the album-i download from google)
4. open mp3tag and load the folder.
5. select all song and rigth click and choose erase TAG
6. now we have clear FLACs songs without TAG!
7. select all song and click right in the square( in the left down) choose add albumart choose the image (your choice... but i put the same as the folder) all song ang write only the artists and the album.
9.finish write song by song they names...
10. select all song and save (if you dont save dont work)

is preferely for you to save each step from 5 to 10...
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Default Answering is Annoying for A Reason

Do not messing around dude, its not about your English but its all about what you re asking for. First of all, somebody asked the same question for several weeks ago so its totally annoying to find the same question in a brand new thread, you better search the answer that may have been available

:: Try Helium Music Manager instead of your MP3Tag, use MP3Tag to tag MP3 files only, tagging FLAC and APE with Helium, Convert any kind of audio file with Cowon Jet Audio. I love to use both coz tagging MP3 with MP3Tag is simpler than tagging it with Helium ::
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