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Default Cowon J3 Earphones and Feedback


Just have a simple question; kinda new to this pmp thing and just want to know if what kind of phones would fit on a Cowon J3. I don't have a Cowon J3 but I'm planning to buy one online. I have an phone which fits in my PSP and was wondering if the same earphone would do. Any help appreciated!

Also I was wondering if this would be the right device to say I just want to listen to music for a whole day (so probably I need it to have a nice sound quality and will last long without charging). Will also use it's video playback feature but not much. I chose Cowon J3 as it is like an alternative to an iPod touch. The iPod touch is just too expensive imo. Anyway, would this device probably satisfy my needs?

Oh, I also found this in Amazon. Was also wondering if that would be the right place I can buy the player.

Any help appreciated.

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the earbuds you use on the psp will work.

its a great device for listening to music all day. the battery life is very good and sound quality is great. The video is enjoyable as well, due to the very pretty screen. It doesnt do apps or games to speak of, but for audio and video, it is superior to the ipod IMHO.

amazon is indeed the best place to buy the J3. Cowon routes its official store to amazon if I remember correctly.
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Any earphones that uses the 3.5mm jack (standard) will work with the Cowon J3. The 3.5mm Jack is the same size as the headphone connector in laptops and on most headphones. So your earphones will most likely fit. ^_^

I've owned a Cowon J3 in a month by now and I would definitely recommend it. Comparing it to the iPod Touch, it doesn't have wi-fi or any kind of app-store. For what Cowon J3 does though, it does very well. Music playback and video playback is no issue (at least not to me). I've been sitting with it for 10 hours on a bus trip where 6 hours was video playback and the rest, music - Battery drained to 75%.

This device will certainly satisfy your needs and I bought Cowon J3 from myself as well. Buy from a dealer that has been fulfilled by Amazon (JetAudio Inc.) if you want to be sure that you're in good hands though.
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Hey, awesome guys. Thanks! I'm good to go now. Amazon doesn't ship items on our country so I'm looking for local shops. Anyway, thanks again!
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Try amp3. I live in Ireland, where neither amazon nor will ship electronics and I ordered my Sony A-Series (which is waiting at home for me now!) from them. They use Fedex to ship worldwide, charges starting at 14.
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