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Default help choose my next player: J3 or X7

Hey everyone
I'm debating between the Cowon J3 and the Cowon x7, I listen to a very wide range (rock, metal, pop, classic, jazz and so on), and having 22GB of music. I wouldn't mind a nice set of controls to play with, as the j3's buttons fast forward & reverse /play&pause. in addition the capacity of X7 is large. The battery life in both of them are enough for me also, I don't think I need 103 hours audio(X7) but I can to be satisfied with 64 hours audio and 11 hours of video(J3),however I heard issues about battery problem (like this:
Screen size is minor, beside the resolution doesn't mind me too much.

I heard also issues problems of Flash memory and HDD disk, so I wish to know wish of them better for long term(and would not die after half an year). besides the HUGE capacity of X7 is nice...indeed nice...kinda bonus but not must necessary.
Sound Quilty is preferred Videos is less.

Factors to consider are:capacity ,stability for long term and maybe formats (I using AVI in the most and SRT for subtitles/ I don't have a lot flac...)

sorry for the bad English
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The J3 wins hands-down, IMO. Smaller, more tactile buttons, much better screen, no HDD (since you only have 22GB music, you really don't need a HDD player), less prone to bricking or messing up.
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thanks dude! I see you know a much of the players, if U could recomend me any device (not have to be cowon only if it has 16+GB) what it was?
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I agree with dfkt, +2 on the j3. BTW you should write more other than just "some device 16gb," it could be a 8gb Clip+ with either a 8gb or 32gb card ...

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The X7 also has a really terrible way of displaying album art. Instead of the artwork being in a small square it stretches it to fill up the entire screen. In other words it turns the album art into wallpaper when you play a song. And it only shows the middle of the picture. You have to scroll side to side to see the left & right sides of the picture. And since most people use teeny tiny itty bitty images for album art it looks terrible. I would love to see how this looks with a high resolution (say 1400 pixels) folder.jpg but I'm not about to buy this thing just to find out.
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