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Default Any way to upload new firmware with a dead battery?

Hi everyone,

I'm stuck with the common problem that I have replaced my Zen's battery with a newer model, and it is not compatible with the newer firmware on the Zen. I have located the 1.14.01 firmware updater, but it refuses to work because "the battery is too low." So I can't switch to the older firmware that would successfully charge my battery...

Is there any known way around this problem? I am just about out of ideas. I might try swapping the old battery back in but it was extremely dead and I'm not sure I'd get different results.

A different way to upload firmware? A way to tell the updater to ignore its complaints and go ahead?

ZVM owner
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Read post #41 in the following link. It discusses how to swap the battery monitoring 'chip' from the old battery to the new, higher capacity battery. I haven't done it, but I'll do it when my battery dies (still getting 5 hours of music playback with no display). The OEM batteries are VERY scarce.

I hope it helps.
Zen Vision:M 30GB
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