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Default looking for good SQ, lossless, expandable player

Hi everyone!

writing here cos I have been dreaming since much time about having a hw media player, now that I have some money I so want my dream to come true!
But i'm getting lost between all the offers.

Basically, the Cowon J3 sounds awesome to me, but then I looked at the price and I saw about 200 €..well, quite a surprise!

so I will start by explaining what I'm looking for...and I will also tell you that couple years ago, when I could just dream, I kinda found my ideal player in the Cowon D2

Use the MAIN and only use is: music. if it plays also videos, cool, if it doesn't, I won't cry. same goes for flash apps and other stuff
Type/Design don't care, I'm just interested in contents; but yeah, OLED screens are fancy!
Features here we go: a part mp3 and compressed format, i feel the need to have a player that can play flac, ape, wv and possibly directly from cue file. I don't have my entire collection on lossless, but some albums I value I do. Given this, SQ is also very important, external storage is a must, the ability to scrobble (not real-time also) is a very, very welcomed feature (don't wanna say necessary, but..)
Display I don't care
UI/Controls don't care, as long as it is user-friendly, well designed and not tricky

now to the sad note
Budget I hoped I could stay in the 100 € budget; I could eventually afford 200€, i do love music, so if that is the price the market says I have to pay in order to have something I need, I could. but you know mindsets and how they work, i was just prepared to 100 :P

said this, that is why (though I have to check how much is priced) I was even considering to 'go back' to Cowon D2.
as far as it concerns me, it doesn't lack anything compared to the J3, right?

or do you have other manufacturers and models that you wish to advice me?

many thanks for your patience!

PS: on a side note..when is the Cowon D3 comin out? thought it will be way more expensive than the J3 i suppose
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external slot, lossless, scrobble, sound quality, sq

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