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Default Just got a J3. Much happier now!

1) sluggish, not very sensitive (sometimes you need to press twice to get to a menu, these kind of annoyances...). I am NOT used to touchscreen so maybe it's due to this..?
2) battery life down to 25% after 2 hours (but ok, that was after charging it fully for the first time..?). Now back to 50%. I charged it about 6 hours ago when at work.
3)Clock randomly stops working. Right now it's over an hour late despite having set it on time earlier on today.
4) a screen this big and no way to access the current playing artist's album or other songs..? And the song/artist name written so small..? :s There's a lot of real estate left unused under the album art which isn't THAT needed due to the physical buttons, and yet there's nothing there...
5)Sluggish (again )
6) If I select all tunes and then select an individual song within an album, going back to the 'All' setting doesn't work; it keeps on playing only the album. Why this, while there already is a folder option..?

and I've just checked and the firmware is version 2.23.

I just saw the bug list thread so I'll dig through it and gather some info...

Am I seeing something wrong in this? I had a D2 before and the whole folder system was equally annoying, so I learnt to expect this and not care about it this much (Sony firmware and UI is incredible but it can't be everywhere...).

Anyway I'll go to and check out some user interfaces for the J3... I was really looking forward to it. Now I love tweaking so I think I'll be fine, but I'm just a little bit ticked off at it...


*I prefer using tags to navigate. I religiously tag all my files but I tend to transfer using drag/drop, so my folder management isn't 100% (though whenever I use MediaMonkey to transfer, I always go with folders for artists -> albums)
*As soon as I got it, I plugged it in and transferred files from my older Sony A729 to it (over 2,000 tunes)
*I'm really not used to touch screens... I got the J3 based on reviews that its screen was responsive and of course that it does have buttons. Maybe I was expecting better responsiveness due to my inexperience.

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