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Default TUTORIAL: From DVD To J3 [Xvid] (56k warning)

Tested on Arch Linux and Windows 7

For me SUPER has not always been able to do the job well enough, and especially not when it comes to converting DVD's into a proper video to watch on Cowon J3 - I have very often experienced sync issues between video and audio. With that in mind I've therefore decided to try do a tutorial myself so you all have an alternative if SUPER tends not to work for you.

Required Programs:
Converting your DVD movie into a playable video is a pain if you don't know where to start & especially if you want to do this for free. I've been trying many programs, among others AutoGK, Handbrake, VirtualDubMod & Any DVD Converter, but none of them has given me a satisfying result. You are welcome to look around in the jungle yourself, but if you prefer following this tutorial 100% you have to install the software specified below:

- DVDFab HD Decrypter (The DVD Decrypter/Ripper)
- DGMPGDec (AviSynth Plugin/Indexer) - Go to the "Downloads" Section in the left sidebar. Press Ctrl+F and search for the string "DGMPGDec". You should then be able to find a link called "DGMPGDec 1.5.3" (or similar) which lets you download the application. You should find Remember to toggle on the context menu entry. If you don't wish to, a work-around for the step where this is required can be found in the Questions and Answers section.
- AviSynth (Our Import/Merging Tool)
- FormatFactory (The Converter)

I apologize for this huge amount of apps, but once these are installed you should be insured completely I promise!

And one last note before we begin: If you encounter issues while going through this tutorial, please check Issues & Answers in my next post. If it doesn't have an answer to your issue please reply to this thread and I will reply back at some point. Alternatively you can also PM me.

Getting Started with DVDFab
DVD Decrypting & Copying
Insert your DVD into the your DVD compatible drive and Open DVDFab (DVDFab.exe). DVDFab is not only a Decrypter, but does also feature a converter, ripper and other feature which you only have a trial license to (granted that you haven't used DVDFab before), which explains why you start out with a "Welcome to DVDFab" window. Simply press "Start DVDFab" in the lower right corner, and off we go.

Go to DVD Copy -> Main Movie. As DVDFab tries to read the disc it may prompt you with a new window asking you to specify where your DVD is from by region code. If you are unsure, you might want to check for the DVD's region code on the cover. Blu-Ray Disc region codes can be found here. Press OK, and wait for DVDFab to open the DVD source. What you'll see after that, should pretty much look like the picture below:

What you can also see above is my own final settings, for the DVD I want to rip. The most important thing to change is the target as it isn't set to a folder on your hard drive by default. Change that and you should be good. The rest usually depends on which languages and subtitles you want or doesn't want. The Quality setting at the bottom doesn't matter much unless you also want to save the actual DVD Rip for backup purposes - If your movies are going straight to the J3 however, it shouldn't matter much as the screen resolution of the Cowon J3 is 480x272.

By pressing next in the lower right corner, you'll find a few more options, but we are not going to mess with them in this tutorial as the standard settings works just fine. Press Start and the DVD Decrypting & Copying will begin.

While you're waiting...
- Why are we using DVDFab (Commercial Software)?!
The only 2 decrypters I have been using and am satisfied with so far, is DVD Decrypter and DVDFab. And while DVD Decrypter handles most DVD's I have had several issues with newer DVD's from 2009 and above, which it gave up on. You are very welcome to use any DVD decrypter you like, but as DVDFab seems to handle any DVD I smash into my drive I'm using it for this tutorial. Besides, we are using a part of DVDFab which is freeware so you don't have to worry about expiration dates and so on. Check the Questions and Answers section in my next post if you want to know more.

Decoding with DGMPGDec
When you're reading this, your DVD decrypter has finished copying the movie onto your harddisk. We are now finished with the DVD, so take it out of the ejected drive, press finish & close DVDFab. Create a new folder somewhere on your hard disk drive and unzip all the content from the into it. Run the exe named DGIndex.exe and click Files -> Open. Select the *.Vob file(s) that the copied DVD movie consists of and adjust the way they are listed, until everything seems to be in order. Confirm by clicking OK.

What is DGIndex and what does it do?
DGIndex is a tool which indexes the movie for you and outputs a *.d2v file which the DGDecode plugin we are going to use later, can read. DGIndex also converts the Dolby Digital 5.1 sound in AC3 format into a single stereo PCM formatted *.wav soundstream which is much better for using at the final conversion. More about that on the Doom9 Forums & in the DGIndex Manual.

Back to DGIndex. First, let's find out what ID the audio we want to convert to *.wav is. Go to Files -> Preview and you will see that DGIndex is playing the video. Notice though that the video might appear Stretched Up, because that DGIndex isn't re-sizing the video down to the proper 16:9 format like any other DVD player does. By opening one of the vobs in a player like Windows Media Player you can see that the video appears normal though, so don't worry about that.

When you think you've seen enough, note down the audio number ID and pull the time-slider back to the start again. In my case the ID is "80" (80: AC3 3/2 384). Now click on the Audio tab, go to Output Method and make sure that Decode AC3 To WAV is checked there. Then in the same Audio tab, find and press "Select Track(s)". You can only use 1 sound stream in the end, so enter the ID of the soundtrack you want in the final video and press OK.

Now press File -> Save and find the folder of your DVD which should be named Video_TS. Create a new folder inside it and save the file there - but make sure that the file format is *.d2v and not "All files" before pressing Save finally.

DGIndex will now start indexing the Vob(s) files, which might take some time depending on the movie. When DGIndex has finished doing so, exit. For more info about using DGIndex, read the DG Quickstart Guide.

A Short Script Using AviSynth
So now you hopefully have got a *.d2v file and a *.wav file. Locate the two files and rename them both to something easy to remember, then Right-click somewhere in the window -> New -> New AviSynth Script. Give the script a similar easy name and double-click on it to open it with notepad.

A neat little code is all you need to finish your AviSynth Script. Write the same 4 lines in Notepad, but change paths for:

- LoadPlugin (DGDecode.dll is in the same folder as DGIndex.)
- MPEG2Source ( Your *.d2v file.)*
- WAVSource (Your *.wav file obviously.)*

* = Please note that the file have to be in the same folder as the script like in the picture above.

Save the script and keep the destination folder of it open for the next step.

Converting your DVD into a J3 compatible Xvid movie
The last and final step. Open up FormatFactory and Drag n' drop your AviSynth Script into the window. FormatFactory will then ask you to choose a file format, where there are many various options. In this tutorial we will convert the DVD Movie into an Xvid video file, so select All To AVI and press Setting to set-up the video as you like. Click the thumbnail below to see the settings I use:

After you're finished with the settings, I suggest you also press Save As to save the profile for future use (Called "All to Custom"). Press then OK and OK again until you are back at FormatFactory's main window. You can now Start the process of converting the video into Xvid.

This is gonna take a while, but once you are done you can finally copy the video to your J3 from the Output Folder, which you can find by clicking the big folder button in FormatFactory's main toolbar.

Thanks for reading this tutorial. I would gladly appreciate some feedback in any shape. If you're stuck at some place, please reply to this topic or PM me directly. Later I might also create a FAQ or create instructions about how to convert DVD Subtitles into *.srt format for the J3 depending on how useful this tutorial really shows to be.

Have a good day!

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