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Default Samsung R0 or Cowon Iaudio9

Hello everybody,

First of all, i have to say "sorry for my bad English" because I'm french. But if you don't understand what I'm writing, tell me.

I have already an Archos 5IT 32Go. But it's too big or too heavy to keep it on my pocket (He is so heavy that i'm lean to one side ). And I'm angry against Archos since I learned they stop to update this product (No android 2.X = No flash)

So, I looked for a new mp3 player. This time, I'm looking for a good sound quality.
I found the R0 (85€ for the grey on but this player scaring me about bugs, maybe it's OK now. In other side, maybe Rockbox...
And I found the Cowon Iaudio9 (125 € on but it's sensitive buttons and it looks easy breakable.
Maybe an Iriver but i don't know their products.

I have few questions :
- Is there a huge difference in sound quality between those two players, in order to explain the price difference ?

- Someone already tried website ? Is it serious ?

I think I have more questions but I can't remember those.

Thanks for help
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Default is legit - usually a bit overpriced, but legit.

As for sound quality, both players sound the same when listened to 'flat', without EQ or sound enhancements. When it comes to EQ quality and BBE (compared to Samsung's DNSe sound enhancements), the i9 beats the R0 hands down.

The i9 also has gapless playback, while the R0 has noticeable gaps between tracks - if you listen to live concerts, DJ mixes, Pink Floyd, etc this makes a huge difference. - So either way one looks at it, the i9 gives you better tweakable sound quality and better playback.

Build quality-wise the R0 is all-metal, while the i9 has a plastic back and a Gorilla Glass front - both are sturdy, nothing to complain about.
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cheaper on this site:

i can recommend the i9, it's a great-sounding player.
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Thanks for your answers.
Finally, i bought my Cowon I9 at

In advancedmp3players, the cowon isn't in stock.
And Buy a Cowon at isn't advantageous with the port (15€ !!!) offer 3% on cowon player, but i see this too late :-(

So I wait for my player.
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