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Help Advice on my next & current PMP

Hey, so I've decided to sign up and ask my own question after the heaps of reading (30 odd theads and quite a few video reviews) couldn't quite answer all of my questions.

I currently have a 3 year old Archos 605 - Yes, getting on a bit, and that's the problem, the battery lasts no more than an hour or so if I'm lucky. So I'm considering a purchase of a fresh and new device (or a battery replacement, but I'll get to that at the end).

Note: My music collection exceeds 28gb now, and whilst I don't have any films on my 605, I'd be interested in having some on my next purchase - depends on codec support, preferably non-purchase. I think a safe option is to have 16gb internal memory, hopefully with the option to expand this later, if the need be.

So, I've been reading around a lot about the Archos 43 and Cowon J3, both look as if they can make me very happy, even if a little expensive. However, I just can't get my head around the Pros and Cons of each.

Both the Cowon & the Archos have their little features, but the more interesting, not important, features are the customization on these things, how limited are these two? And are the small things, like UI and general layout well done?

The battery life for the Cowon looks very tempting but then again, the 43 doesn't look bad either. But I'm wondering whether, like the 605, Archos try to pry more money out of the internet plugin, video and audio codecs - I did not like this, and I never did purchase them. I probably missed out there though

Another thing is the portability/durability, how light is the A43, it seems a great deal better than my 605, although a small brick would be an improvement there! I've read the Archos 43 still feels very sturdy, which is good, but how is the J3? Is it a safe bet to say it requires some extra protection, and with that, I'm hoping it would still be a good pocket-size.

Sound quality has to be of good standard, and from what I've heard Cowon goes above and beyond, although, my 605 is great with some cheap Sony earphones and anything equal to the 605 is perfect. Quick note; all my files are MP3s and whilst I know FLACs are a huge amount better, loud and clear MP3s works for me.

Other than these points, theres the price. I'm VERY careful with my money and I tend to spend ages weighing stuff like this up - don't expect me to of bought one of these two by the end of the month! Anyway, is the Cowon worth that bit more, for what, to me, seems to be portability, sound and some snazzy features. But then, I would give that up for the WiFi & such I've seen on the Archos - as long as the plugin is free !!!

Right, my final option, replacing the battery in my current Archos 605, do-able, risky and probably worth it, however, I'd like something more portable and possibly just more up-to-date than what I have. If theres anything you guys think that can fill the gap, so to speak, other than these then please suggest something and I'll do some more reading.

Do I buy an Archos 43, Cowon J3, look in to something else or replace the battery in my current Archos 605?

I know right, one heck of a first post, and I am tight with my cash, but I'll cope with the blow, whichever it might be.

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