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Help Another Mp3 player choice thread

Right off the bat I'd like to apologize for another advice-request thread, but after hours of searching and reading I just can't make my mind up.

I won't waste your time, here's what I've got so far.

Location: Hungary, but can probably have it shipped from most places.
Budget: A max. of about 150 USD, but realistically with my requirements it should be at or under 100 bucks.
Use: Everyday listening while commuting, with some sports mixed in(snowboarding). No video whatsoever.
Type: DAP definitely, more on this below.

Ok, so here's the details:
First off, I want something simple, definitely tactile controls, I like to be able to navigate without taking the device out of my pocket, this also means it has to be on the small side. Second, I want at least 24 hours of battery time(sadly this rules the Clip+ out), I do sometimes take music on long trips. And thirdly, I need at least 8GB of space.

By now, I've looked at dozens of different brands and players, and I've come up with this, in no particular order:

SanDisk: Clip+ has short battery life, Fuze+ UI is bad, had bad experience with quality on former device, but open to suggestions.
Philips: Seen some promising stuff, but no proper reviews or opinions, Muse and Aria(z) look interesting, former has touchscreen, which can be a downside.
Zune: Also promising, but pricing is erratic, and I haven't heard much in the way of positive about it.
Sony: E-series looks right, but S- and A- series also tempting. Help me out here. Also heard EU versions have low volume, which is a deal-breaker.
Cowon: Too many to count. Seriously, they have at least 10 on their site, and those are just the brand new ones. i7 and U5 stuck out, would like some info on them, if they're still available, etc.
iRiver: Had good experience with them, curious about their lineup but can't find good info. Suggestions?

In short:
I need a strictly-music-player, 8GB, tactile, long battery life(not Clip+). So far only Sony E-series and Cowon i7 seem to stand out, with Zune and some Philips models following close behind. I can not make my mind up because I don't want to make a mistake. Help me out
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