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Default IEMs to Replace Bose


After using the crappy Samsung earbuds I got with my Samsung P2 for a whole year, I decided to buy something of better quality that could make up for the long weeks of work I had during that time. Of course, as new as I was to the whole market of Mp3-players as well as headphones, I ended up going for the most expensive ones I found in the local electronics store - Bose In-ear headphones.

So I've been using them since then which is approximately 2 or 3 years now. During that period they have broken 3 times but I've been quite satisfied with Bose's customer service as they sent me a new pair each time I sent in mine. Then recently I stumbled upon ABI as I was looking for a replacement to my Samsung P2, where I then have been reading about what everyone else around thinks about the Bose IEMs. So even though my latest pair of Bose is a year old now and still works just fine, I am looking for a new pair of IEMs based on your recommendations that fits well to my new Cowon J3.

Price Range: Up to $100

Type/Design: IEMs

Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Some people describes the Bose IEMs as "high amount of bass with muddy mids & highs". Indeed they got a lot of bass, and I would definitely like that in my next pair of IEMs as well. When it comes to mids and highs, I suppose the sound being muddy is quite bad, right? I guess I have to leave this part to you, I have no experience with sound or headphones so I guess I will most likely be positively surprised no matter what.

Media: I listen mostly to Electronic & Dance/Trance/House music. To mention a few artists, I listen to Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, FM Belfast, Gorillaz, Kraftwerk, Röyksopp & Trentemoller. All my music is stored on my new Cowon J3 which I am very pleased with.

I've been looking at the Hippo VB's myself which many people seems to be satisfied with around here. But I will keep the basket empty at Uncle Wilson's until I hear anything from some of you. I've also considered TMA-1 as earcans later, but I think I will start out with IEMs before going up in that category and pricerange.

Share your thoughts with me, your help is very appreciated!
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