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Default The Worst Game Box Art of 2010

Some good stuff here:

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Not only is the box art to Samurai heroes bad , the game is beyond awful... Being a long time samurai warriors fan (not made by cacpom). I decided to try this flaming pile of crap , luckily i found it used so I was able to take it back. None of the characters in Samurai heroes are gay , given the situations this is absurd , samurai warrior has a few that are open... Given the box art some might suspect otherwise.

Anyway to the game it self , well no Japanese voice acting and the English voice over sounds like a Italian horror dub from the 70ies . Models are low polygon , they even look first generation gamecube in quality with at least a bit of blur added in to the mix so you really cant tell how shitty they really are. Graphics are poor , but would that mean you get good frame rates on the ps3 ?(hell gt5 runs with photo realistic car models at 60fps). Nope , slow down even with not many elements on screen at any given time. You can complete the game by mashing one button , at least in Samurai warriors you must use more than one :P. Anyone that defends this game should be put on the government sterilization list so they can not reproduce.
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I art on Blood Stone isn't bad, but the rest are pretty bad.
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