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Old 12-29-2010, 06:16 PM
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Default £100-ish IEM's (Inclusive shipping to DK)

Hello, I am currently looking to invest in a PMP and a pair of IEM's. I have decided on the PMP, which is going to be the Cowon J3 from, however, I am not interested in placing my order before I have chosen a pair of IEM's, seeing as the site have the Shure's SE115 on sale for a mere £55. I am however lacking the experience with IEM's to know which ones to buy and what to look for, but felt inclined to ask here when I stumbled upon this site and it's excellent review page. But enough chit chat, I will try to fill in as many criteria as I can below.
  • Price range: I listed £100 above, but that is if I stretch my budget a bit. Should I be able to get a pair of IEM's above that price tag that are substantially better, I would only be interested should the price not deviate with more than £20 from my original maximum.
  • Environment: I intend to use them on the go, on the bus, walking around downtown and so forth. I won't be needing them at home, maybe with the exception of excercing (I excercise in the basement, but my stereo is on the first floor ) But my point is, I won't be use them for critical listening at home.
  • Preferred sound signature: Due to my lack of experience with different IEM's and headphones, and may I add poor understanding of terminology, I can't give many hints in this department. I have the impression that can I differentiate between good and bad sound quality, but I can't describe what charecteristics I prefer, only that I prefer a rather warm sound, and that I am not really content with the, to me, rather clinical sound my friends Ipods and standard earbuds produce, if that makes any sense at all
  • Media: As said, I am going to use it with a Cowon J3 and probably use FLAC as my preferred format.

The thing is, I listen to a vast variety of genres, although my preffered genre is Hip Hop, more specifically, bohemian hip hop (I.e A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, De La Soul, Jurrasic 5, and the such) But in general, I like almost all Hip Hop, especially stuff which is older than myself (1993) :P Back to the genres. I also like Reggae (Bob Marley, but also some cross-genre like Bikstok Røgsystem, if there are any danish users here), 70/80'ies rock (Queen, AC-DC), some electronic music (LCD Soundsystem), as well as some music which combines a lot of genres, like Gorillaz.

Just to name a few artists I didn't mention above;
Public Enemy, I listen to them a lot, so the IEM's will have to handle some rather complex beats.
Method man
Cypress Hill
Mos Def
Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh

I will also list a couple of songs, some rather complex, others just to demonstrate what I wan't the IEM's to do. If you do not know them, might I suggest looking them up on Grooveshark or something like that?

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Oh my god - A tribe called quest
Someone great - LCD Soundsystem
Can't con an honest John - The streets
Sucker MC's - Run DMC
Power to the people - Public Enemy

And finally, (Yes, this is over soon ) I had a look at several products, and these currently look as the most likely ones, but feel free to come with any suggestions.

Shure Se115
Klipsch Image S4
Hippo VB
UE Super.FI 5 2.0
Westone UM1
And finally, my favorite; RP-HJE900. Since I read dfkt's excellent review ( I have been hooked on getting these since they sound like the ultimate allrounder in this price range, but I wanted to know whether or not they're worth the extra £45 with my needs? Any input on this particular IEM will be VERY much appreciated! (Not that I don't appreciate any other advice )

I hope this list is thoroughly comprehensive, otherwise, feel to ask

Edit: Forgot one thing, decent sound isolation would be nice as well

Last edited by JFP; 12-29-2010 at 06:18 PM. Reason: Forgot to mention sound isolation
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