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Default My Aluratek Cinepal APMP101F Review

I've never reviewed anything before but I'll try my best since I feel this video player is worth a review.

Aluratek Cinepal APMP101F

Price tag:$100-$130USD

Cinepal Specs:
Display:Large 8 inch 1280x720px LCD screen
Capacity:4GB Flash Memory(Virtually limitless with SDHC card slot and ability to read from any usb flash drive or hard drive)
Battery life:4 hours of video playback
Video:HD and SD in AVI, VOB, DAT, MPG, MPEG, Xvid, DivX, H.264, MKV, & RM / RMVB
Subtitles: SMI, SRT
Transfer modes:MSC

Inside the box:
Pearl White Aluratek Cinepal
TV-out Component video cables
Cheap crappy earbuds
USB On-The-Go cable(Its used for connecting any usb flash drive or hard drive to the Cinepal for it to play media files from.)
Mini Usb cable.
Wall power adapter

Now as an introduction,Aluratek is a company that makes ebook readers with good reviews and other electronics.Their first entry was called the APMP100F which sported a 8.9 inch screen and a beefy 5000mah battery inside it which lasts up to 6 hours but it had a different button layout.I purchased the 101 version because of the higher 1280x720p resolution on the 101 model VS 1024 x 600 on the 100 model.This version has a 2800mah battery that goes up to 4 hours of video playtime,shorter than its older brother but I chose design and higher resolution over battery life.


The overall design of the player is simple and easy,the large 8 inch screen takes up majority of the space and on the right is the actual buttons,there is a speaker in the front,followed by the power button,a back button and a square 5 button layout then lastly a M button which stands for Menu.My favorite thing about the design of this player is that it is NOT a touch screen,which means this huge 8 inch screen will NEVER get fingerprints at all,which also means that there is no need for a screen protector.I will point out that this screen is kinda frosty,like some of the Apple computers have a frosty screen but after a while you won't notice it.At first,I thought that this was bad but its normal for LCD screens to be grainy like this,this player is best to be viewed at least a few inches away.Its not good to be very close to it because the grainy stuff will be more obvious.Still,movies look great on the screen despise that one con of the screen.

The player is about less than half an inch thick,its quite thin and easy to carry anywhere.Most people would mistake it for a tablet PC because it really looks like one.I haven't found any cases that would fit it yet but I'm sure some ebook or tablet pc cases could fit it.The player is made out of plastic however it doesn't feel cheaply made at all,it feels really sturdy and well put together however I would never want to drop it.On the back of the player is its own kickstand.I like using the kickstand,although its made out of plastic,it holds up the player quite well.For the design,I'll give it an 9 out of 10.

Video playback:
While I have a COWON O2 and also a laptop,there are certain videos that neither one can play because its either too much to handle or just can't do it,thats where the Cinepal comes in.I've thrown all of the AVI and MP4 files at it and 90% of them played perfectly,just two didn't play but those play on the O2 so no problems really.I haven't tried playing any HD movies on it but I'll try that out soon.So far,all my xvid movies play nicely on this player.For video playback,I will give it a 8 out of 10.

User Interface:

If you've ever used a Sony PS3 or PSP then you'll be familiar with the interface of this device.All of the menu options is at the bottom of the screen though,there is:My Favorite,Explorer,Photo,Movie,Music,Ebook and Settings and above them is the option of internal memory and SD card memory if you have one inside,it will instantly read it and have that option of looking inside it and the same goes for if you have a hard drive connected to it.I'll give this easy to use and simple interface a 9 out of 10.

Battery life:

After playing two xvid movies that were about roughly 2 hours plus each,the battery died so the rated battery life is true.


Screen quality:Great 8 out of 10
Features:10 out of 10.
Battery life:Mediocre 3 out of 10
Video playback:Great 8 out of 10
Ease of use:Excellent 10 out of 10
User Interface:9 out of 10.

Overall:I give this video player a solid 8 out of 10.

Sorry for my picture quality,I'm only using a 3 year old Sony Cybershot.

DSC01146 by lagool57, on Flickr
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