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Default Cheapy Speakers

Unfortunately, I do not need a very high quality or powerful set of speakers as I have a pair of PFE's to do anything when I actually need to hear things beautifully.

However, my PFEs do not exactly work when I want to get some sleep and watch some videos to sleep... The current speakers I have came with an amplifier that no longer works, so I am in the market to buy some new speakers.

Instead of just randomly buying the first cheapy set, I figured it was a good idea to check if there were any better sounding cheapies than just normal cheapies. To me, my PFEs were an amazing deal and only snatched up because I came here and am hoping I can find something similar, in value efficiency, with some speakers.

So... Here is what I need....

- As little fuzz as possible
- Decent enough amplification to just be hearable 2 feet from my face.
- Decent enough SQ to understand voices (I will be watching movies/shows mostly)
- <$20 preferred unless you know of a sweet, awesome pair that is under $30. I am afraid of $30 is my limit for these speakers, but I think that should be fine for what I want.
Currently: SoundMagic E10 / Cowon Z2
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