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Default FiiO X3 DAP

Hi, this has sort of been discussed alongside the E11 portable amp by FiiO but now these drawings has been released I guess it should have its own thread:

As I predicted at Head-Fi it will use the same basic shell for the E7, which foot print wise is a bit smaller than the Cowon S9 but is somewhat around 15mm thick. Just about acceptable for putting in a pocket, but since the thing has been designed with digital out to upgrade the dac/amp sections, it could end up being a problem.

Another problem, for me, is the positioning of the harware controls all on the face. I want to be able to switch tracks and control volume easily by reaching into my pocket. Putting them on the face makes this difficult, meaning you'd have to take it out to change things.

It's probably too late at this point for suggestions, but if I'd known they had this planned I would have made it clear that essential controls need to be on the sides or top for easy sight-free access.

So, not without it's problems, but for those who have not been following the E11 or the Headfi thread, there is plenty of good news (on paper) as well:

Gapless playback;
File/folder browsing;
MSC mode;
Line out and coaxial digital out;
Album art display.

There has even been talk about getting a BBE sound enhancements license for it.

So a bit of a mixed bag for me so far, with some brilliant features promised but some underwhelming design decisions. Will be keeping my eyes on it.

Oh, and merry Christmas ABI!
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