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Default Original AV Out J3 cable

I have tested the cable on brand new Sony and Samsung TVs.
On the Sony there is only Audio output but no sign of life for the Video signal.

On the Samsung the player is simply invisible.

Later I plugged my beloved Creative ZEN Vision M to its AV cable and linked it to both TVs. It worked on both with Video and Audio outputs.

Is there any reason why my J3 would not link to the TV?
The TVs respond fine with the Creative. Perhaps I got a faulty cable or a hidden J3 set up i am unaware of?

Please help before i send the cable back to Amazon
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i can't help you much, don't have a tv-out cable but there are several things you can try. first thing, which tv system is your country/the tv using: pal or ntsc? you can change that in the under settings/display/tv-out standard.

and then you can change stuff in the popup menu (in video mode) like aspect ratio and other stuff. if that doesn't help i'm out of ideas, for now at least.
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Thanks, I'll try it with different config
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How does the J3 react when you connect it your TV? Does the screen turn off during video playback?
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Note that just because you connect the AV-out cable from J3 to a TV, you don't immediately get TV output when playing a video. Personally, I think that would have been a good way to design it... but that's NOT the way it works.

You have to actually go into settings while playing the video (tapping various icons with no text under them that are very poorly described in the semi-documentation) and indicate that you want video-out to the TV. Eventually, you'll probably figure out the sequence (like a test for a lab rat!) and you'll have video on your TV.

Then, the J3's screen will go dark and video will instead go to the TV. I can't recall if video returns back to the J3 when the current video you're playing completes, but I think it does (but I may be wrong... I know, I should be doing this "live" as I write this). And, the only thing going out to the TV is the video you're playing. None of the onscreen touch-sensitive features of the J3 itself (which would be on its AMOLED screen if that's where the video was playing) are active.

Anyway, the only way you can control what's happening when you've activated the output correctly and are now actually playing video out to the TV is to use the tactile buttons on the side of the J3 to control volume, skip forward/backward, pause, etc. The screen of the J3 is not functional when you're playing video out to a TV.

If you want to get touch-screen control back to the J3 you have to stop playing video to the TV (I forget at the moment how that's done).

All in all, this is a VERY UNFRIENDLY interface... but it does at least allow a way to play videos out to a real TV after a bit of a cumbersome struggle.
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Thanks everyone...this means i'll stick to my good old Creative Zen M to watch movies on TV.

how stupid though. How shortsighted, the Research and Development dept should have overcome the probls of past devices or produced better functionalities in the new ones.
not the case for cowon
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