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Default Album Browser

Hey Folks, not sure how this happened or why because I don't really mess around with a lot of my options but my S9 seems to be missing something. Specifically, when you turn the device sideways you generally get a browser with album cover icons that you can choose from. Well, this option has completely disappeared. I haven't done anything or changed anything for this to happen. How do I get it back? Any thoughts?
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thats easy
when you are on the homescreen, just press music.
on the lower bar there are 6 symbols:
1. A rectangle with a plus, (with which u can bookmark the song, put it to your playlist or your favourites.)
2. A Hear, which puts the song playing to your favourites immediately
3. Some arrows to change the playbackorder and stuff
4. Equalizerbars to change, well, your equalizersettings
5. Either: a rectangle on its side with and arrow
a rectangle in portraitmode with a twoheaded arrow
or a lock
pressing this symbol switches between those 3 options.
first option: when tilting the player you get into your coverart browser
second op: shaking the player will get you to the next/prev. song
third op: nothing happens neither when tilting nor shaking.
6. symbol: "Flip" pressing it will flip the lower bar to other options: rewind, play/pause, fastforward, A-B

hope i was able to help you
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T4b, thanks m8. You da man! That worked perfectly. I guess I was playing with that one setting trying to figure out what it did and I changed it. When I changed it back to the rectangle with the arrow pointing right I got the browser with cover art back when tilted sideways. Thanks again! I couldn't figure out how I screwed it up.
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