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Old 12-13-2010, 08:21 PM
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Default Looking for a V2 firmware version with a specific behaviour

I've owned a Rockbox'd V1 Fuze for a few years, but the headphone jack was starting to go so I purchased a brand new V2 Fuze today. I installed Rockbox on it immediately along with the updated stock firmware.

With my V1, if I were to start it by plugging in the USB cable, it will immediately go into USB mode once the startup sequence is finished and allow me access to my files from my PC. That happens even if it would have tried updating the database had I turned it on normally.

With my V2, if I were to start it by plugging in the USB cable, and it wants to update the database it will NOT stop until it's done. It takes 10-20 minutes to do this as I'm using a 16GB microSD card filled to the brim. This usually wouldn't be a problem but I need to have the database updated in order for my Fuze to kick into USB mode, so I can access the SD card through it from my PC.

Unplugging my SD card from my Fuze and letting it refresh quickly, plugging my Fuze in via USB, then plugging the mSD card in doesn't work either. It simply won't read the mSD card once it's already been connected.

Rockbox's USB isn't working for the V2 yet, and I don't want to have to wait all that time for the database to update if I want to change something on my SD card.

My temporary workaround for now is using the old V1 Fuze to update the SD card. I also cleaned up the tags on the MP3 files a bit to help with the refresh time. I have tried several different versions or the firmware. First 2.03.33, then 2.03.31, 2.02.28, and finally 2.02.26. Same behavior every time.

What I'm asking for is a V2 firmware version where plugging in a USB cable takes precedence over refreshing the database, like the V1 firmware.

If one doesn't exist, thanks anyways.

PS: I know I that I have Rockbox installed, but this relates to the default firmware and I felt this thread belongs in this secton. If it doesn't, feel free to get a moderator to move it.

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