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Default MEElectronic's A151 Review

Hi all,

I purchased some MEElectronic A151s from friday last week, and i must say some great customer services from them. Arrived swiftly, no hassle etc. I was sceptic about buying these, as there arent many reviews out there (couple of head-fi posts at max) but, i decided to take their word for it and dive in. Well, I must say... I'm pleasently surprised:


The packaging is a cardboard box with a plastic container within which holds the headphones and the case. Nothing exciting really, i must be honest here. Dissapointing start, but nothing to worry about.

The accessories, as with all low-end headphones are usually dismal. However, MEElectronics has built up a substantial reputation for providing reasonable quality accessories. These particular headphones come with the standard MEElec clamshell case, which offers decent protection. The case also includes a pouch to store tips etc. Also included are a pair of tri-flange, bi-flange, and three pairs (small, medium, large) of the humble single tips. They are quite nice tips, not too hard or flimsy. +1 Meelec.

Build Quality/ Appearance/ Fit

Hmm, these things do look quite nice
Let's start bottom to top. The jack is straight and gold plated. Would have been nice if it was L-plug but.. meh. There is reasonable strain relief here. Moving up, the cable is gooorggeous. Very nice. Much like Westone cables, it is light, tangle free, doesnt retain any tangles/notches, no memory in the cable (also, as a plus, it is strangely a little stretchy!). It seems to be made of two twsited cables. There are no microphonics (none!!). The cable split is also very well made, more than adequate strain relief, very tough, flexible. The cord cinch is adequate (could be a little tighter, but nevertheless it'll do). Now, onto the 'phones themselves. They are made of plastic, but tough plastic, these things arent gonna fall apart in a hurry (if ever). The strain relief isnt particularily great from cable to housing, but it seems to do the trick. (if in the future it proves to be a disaster then ill post, but for now it seems OK).

Since these are an over the ear design i can only say they are very comfortable for my ears. Superb comfort, especially for long periods of time. The isolation and microphonics are also superb, just stick on some bi/tri flanges and the isolation is great. The cable also sits nicely behind the ear, it is soft and not irratating. Meelec have done well to produce another great looking earphone (e.g. M6) whilst retaining great build quality, i cannot stress enough how good this cable is .

Sound Quality

The A151's bass is typical of an armature iem – control, and clarity. Bass punch is more competetive than the RE0. Bass depth and extension aren’t as well drawn out as Basshead IEM's but the control and texture overrule this. There isnt as much deatil in the sub-bass, but there is some added mid-bass warmth and punch'iness'. However this does not interfere with the detail and texture of the lower range and mids. The mids are actually pretty balanced, because they are not as crisp or bright as some, the A151 sounds warmer.

The treble is smooth and neither harsh or sibilant. It isnt bright or sparkling, but this is appealing, it comes across as more fun. Still, without impacting on the detail, which is impressive for the price. The treble extension kinda runs out at the extent of its frequency range, making it sound slightly unploished. The soundstage is not something to get excited about but decent enough. Instrumental separation are similar. The A151 is not fatiguing but still offers detail.


Meelec have done a stunning job with their first armature IEM. Accurate, clear, maybe slightly dry. Miraculous for a $75 IEM. Superb build quality always seems to come as standard for meelec nowdays, but i must say these cables...

Pros - great build quality
detail, accuracy
punchy, clear bass

Cons - ???!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thanks for reading, comments would be appreciated as this is my first review... ever

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