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Default Sony MDR-V6: First Impressions

I ordered MDR-V6's after I accidentally stepped on my ES7's cord and ripped it
I was thinking of getting the ATH-M50's but price was a bit steep and my cousin was getting those anyway.

The V6's came in a very nice box, but the plastic on the cord was a bit frustrating for me to remove without a sharp object. The headphones are very well built with no creaking observed, but I do wish that they made the adjusting straps a bit harder to move because they feel like they are just sliding around with little sense of measurement. Compared to the ES7's, the V6's are EXTREMELY comfortable and isolation should be superior to the ES7's due to the V6's circumaural design.

When I got these headphones (just today), I wasn't sure what to expect from them. Most of the reviews I've read praise the V6's for their great sound quality, but some stragglers insisted that treble was WAY to bright. Guess what? The treble IS way too bright; whenever I listened to music, I hoped to God that the lyrics wouldn't contain too many words with an 's'. Tired of the needle-like treble that was piercing my ears, I decided to listen to some Beatles and turned on "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" and I was blown away... by the twangy intro guitar that BLASTED HELLISH SPIKES OF TREBLE RIGHT INTO MY EARBALLS. Tweaking the EQ didn't really help much either; lowering the highs veiled the music, and putting them up made my ears bleed to death. I remembered one reviewer, who complained about the highs, say that he would use his V6's exclusively for electronic music only, so I gave it a go. And lo, Deadmau5 delivered a symphony of aural bliss that even got more orgasmic when I tweaked the EQ. Highs sounded crystal clear without slashing my eardrums and the bass was like audio chocolate. Unfortunately, switching to another genre required me to return to normal EQ settings and everything else just sounded dead.

Long story short, I am not enjoying these cans right now. Electronic music is amazing on these, but everything else just falls short... or is too bright for me to handle. Most reviewers who did not enjoy the highs either said that the bass was the saving grace of these headphones, but I completely disagree. When you're avoiding listening to songs with lyrics that contain the letter 's', bass isn't just gonna make up for it.

I'm gonna update this thread as I keep listening to the V6's. Who knows? Maybe burn-in will tame the highs or I'll find the EQ sweetspot. Until then, I cannot say that I would recommend the V6's to anyone.

UPDATE: Fitted the V6's with velour pads and they are AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE. I thought that the pleather was comfortable enough, but the pads just upped the comfort level. Feels like I'm wearing furry earmuffs now haha.


UPDATE #2: Watched an action movie (Crank). Word of advice: don't watch movies with the V6's. Shattering glass, gunshots, screams, etc will make your ears bleed.

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