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Default Clip+, External Amp, and HQ Music Source

I am a "retired" audiophile who no longer dabbles in high end audio gear but has taken the route of listening to my music (70-80s pop) on a portable player and a decent set of headphones.

I just discovered the Sansa Clip+ and am really impressed with it. I rip my CDs to FLAC using EAC at the default settings and presently listen to them on my clip+ and an old set of Sony MDR-V6 or Bose QC2 although I will probably get a set of Grado 80i in the near future.

A couple of questions:

1. Would my sound be significantly improved with an external amp such as the JDS Labs Bass Boost cMoy v2.02?? (Good size and only $65)

2. Is there anywhere that I can buy music that will compare in quality to my own ripped FLAC files?

3. Would the rockbox software improve the sound at all or is it just extra features? (I listen to my music as it was recorded and NEVER use equalizers.)

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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