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Default DSE A5146: ID3V2 / OGG tag problems

I bought this cheap and nasty audio player a while back, mainly because it has native support for OGG and WMA as well as MP3. But I've had terrible trouble getting it to read the tags on the audio files. I found out by experiment:

1) that the library only updated on a random basis. I solved this by actually deleting the library every time I put a new file on there, which made it update properly.

2) it didn't properly recognize the track numbers on ID3v2 tracks: that is, for any number higher than 10. An album with 13 tracks, say, would play in the following order: 10 01 11 02 12 03 13 04 05....09. That is, it only seemed to recognize the lower digit of the track number. I solved this by manually converting all my MP3s to ID3v1 tags.

The only remaining problem is that OGG files have exactly the same track ordering problem as above. I found elsewhere advice to delete the "/xx" section of the track numbers (so it would just go 02 instead of 02/13) but that didn't seem to work. Given what we know from the above - that ID3v1 track numbers work fine (for numbers below 32) and ID3v2 and OGG don't for numbers 10 or higher... is there a possible workaround for the trackorder for OGG?
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Okay, here's an interesting update. It turns out that only those OGG files I've edited the tags of using EasyTag have this weird, messed up track ordering. Files which I just upload after ripping straight to the computer are in the correct order. I've tried some other tag editors, but they just make the tracks disappear altogether. So I suppose the question changes to... what exactly might be causing this? And is there a track editor I could use for Linux that would (for example) be sensitive to switching between ext* and FAT32 file systems?

Okay, worked it out - EasyTag was recording the track numbers as "01", "02", etc, and this player kicks a fit if it's not simply "1", "2", "3" etc. So I had to edit those manually with a hex editor! It would be interesting to know what's up with the firmware of this player if it can't recognize ID3v2 track numbers, or OGG track numbers of the 01-02-03 format. And to know whether there's anything better than a hex editor for correcting them.

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I don't think anyone here is going to be able to tell you about one of those generic mp3 players. The fact that they're generic means its pretty much impossible to guess what they're actually running inside.
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