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Old 12-05-2010, 05:38 PM
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Default the right mobile audio combination for me


I'm not extremely demanding. I use AKG K530 ( imho the best thing in its price range) with my PC with Creative X-FI extreme gamer sound card and listen mostly to Napster (I know CDs sounds better). I love my AKGs! They sound so precise,balanced and voluminous and are inexpensive (I paid 55 Euro for a new pair). I'm looking for a portable audio combination wich would have a similliar sound signature and quality. I own an Ipod Classic, Sasmung YP-P3, Sansa Clip, Phonek PFE (all 3 filters), Ultimate Ears 5 (not pro) and Koss Porta Porta. I like especially the pfe with green filters but (of course?) it is not comparable with AKG/X-Fi. What I miss most is this beautiful voluminous sound (and maybe also soundstage and precision).

What can you recommend? I know I have to pay much more than for my AKGs.

I could use the AKGs with a powerfuel source and/or portable amp but I'd like more to have smaller clip headphones (or something different smaller) for outside.

Is a portable amp neccesary for this sound quality?

What do you think about Hifiman Players? (to tell the thruth they are too expensive for me)

If the best way is to use my AKGs what would you recommend as a source ( maybe an amp for my players, I prefer the clip because it's compatible with napster but samung and Ipod have both imho better sound quality).

I'm not sure if want to try more IEMs (I thought about Panasonic Rp-HJE900 Zirconia).They don't sound perfect (although I like my PFE). An IEM sounds different than big clip headphones. I listened to Ultimate Ears 10 and it was a dissappointment for me (and they're overpriced).

I heard that JBL Refernce 430 is nice and inexpensive (amp necessary?). Much more expensive and supposed to be very good portable headphones are B&W P5 and Beyerdynamic T50 p (they have to blow me away if I have to pay so much).

Maybe some smaller AKG or Sennheiser models are advisable for me?

I'm very thankful for every answer!
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