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Angry No video formats seem to work!

I bought a Cowon J3 recently and the first movie file I ripped and transferred to it worked fine. (I don't remember what format I converted it to or whether the player was set to MTP/MSC).

Now the player seems to accept none of my video files - however occasionally I manage to transfer a couple that do work (they're already in video form, not ripped by me, so I don't know what exact encoding they're in).

Recently I did a test where I converted one small video file to a multitude of formats, including the H.264 MP4 AVC that's said to work so perfectly with the J3. The only 2 videos that worked were that one and one other (can't remember which format). So I ripped a movie to AVI and converted it to MP4(AVC h.264). Guess what? It didn't work.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm using Aimer(opposite-of-hard) Video Converter Pro by the way, I adore it (except for the fact that it contains a list of formats tailored to just about every other popular mp4 except Cowon!).
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Read the sticky thread in this forum about h264 conversion, it's the best someone found out yet how to get it working. The J3 doesn't support MP4/h264 officially, and nobody so far got a proper MP4/h264/AAC working. Also, only baseline profiles work, no main or high with CABAC.

CNET videos do work on the J3, but who knows what tools and special tweaks they used.

Either way, all proper MPEG4-SP encodes are working fine on the J3, no matter if XviD or DivX.
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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
CNET videos do work on the J3, but who knows what tools and special tweaks they used.
I wonder what other major sites' videos work. I would certainly take those files as reference. But we can imagine that CNET's encoders are set to some iPod/iPhone friendly parameters.
My trials with the Samsung P3 and several encoders shows that it can be very difficult to get AVC-MP4 files for our devices.
I believe that the iPod 5.5G preset from Handbrake is a good candidate as safe tool. Avidemux that I master for AVC+AAC MP4 files for a Sony Walkman does not give me files that the P3 likes.
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