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Default Looking for an EP-630 replacements

Since my old EP-630 are broken now, I am looking for a new in-ear phones in the same price-range ($20). At this point my options are Meelectronics M9 and JVC HA-FX67 but in numbers the EP-630 look superior (frequency response and sensitivity), I'm looking for same bass sound but a little better noise-cancelling. Any ideas or comparisons with these 3 brands?

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Better noise-canceling than the EP-630's? Wow, I found those among the best for that, especially if you have the right tips. I had to switch out the stock ones for some old Sony tips. Maybe that was your problem.
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For better noise isolation, foam tips are usually the way to go. Shure and Monster make good ones. The new Sony Hybrid tips with foam material inside the silicone tip are interesting too. Comply are technically good too, but ridiculously overpriced considering their low durability.
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Kinda relevant - anyone see this/know this site? The author's name has to be fake.

And I appreciate the tester used my Maximo i590s as well, though I could have saved him the trouble and told him not to bother with the single flange Hybrids on the i590 housing - it requires double flange or else they fit/feel funny, at least to me.
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