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Default small fix for audiobook listeners

i just "upgraded" from a fuze to a fuze plus tonight. not a huge fan and i miss my old fuze even more, especially the ease with which i was able to listen to audio books (non-drm mp3's) not lose my place in said audio book and not skip hours ahead or behind if i accidentally pressed the << or >> buttons. all of which the fuze+ does constantly! i think i stumbled across a way to prevent the skipping and get the fuze+ to organize audio books very similarly to the old fuze. bookmarking is still a problem though. if you take a folder with audio book x (tagged to your preference) and with the genre as audio book, drag/drop it into the fuze+, but not into any of the folders(music, audible, etc), just place it onto the player, it will organize it by voodoo magic into audio book under the podcast menu. if you then go to the "settings" menu, then down to "podcast & book settings", if you turn "chapter skip" to "on", it will no longer change tracks at the merest touch. and if i remember correctly its now just like the good old fuze. however it does not remember the place you were at in a file, but if you split your audio books into small chunks it's not a huge pain in the butt. hopefully this might help some one, i was about to thrown mine out a window. also, this is my first post so if there's a thread like this one that i missed sorry.
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