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Old 11-28-2010, 08:36 AM
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Default Questions on the price, multiple sd cards, drawing, and D2 comparisons.

Hello all I am really geared to getting the J3 but I have a few questions first.
How has the price been lowered since the US launch and how likely would the price be to drop somewhat more in the next few months? I first heard about the J3 last week and I figured it had just come out so waiting a few months would see a nice price drop. But then I found out it came out last summer and that the price isn't a whole lot lower since, at least not compared to the iphone lol.

If I were to get this I would want to get the 8GB or 16GB version and I'm weighing the costs of higher internal memory vs. more external memory. But would it be possible to have more than one microSD and swap them out whenever I wanted? Is the 8000 file limit only for 8000 files at one time so it wouldn't matter if I had 20,000 files altogether on the internal and several SD's so long as only 8,000 were loaded at once? Or does it keep track of every file that has been loaded making a bootup with different files slower?

This one's not a dealbreaker for me I'm just curious about the drawing app as an artist who would love to sketch out new ideas whenever I wanted. Can you change the stroke thickness and color? I'm not looking to draw the mona lisa just quick detailed sketches.

Finally I'm considering the D2/+ instead for it's lower price. I really like the J3's features but I have to decide if it's worth the money. I've actually been eyeing the D2 for a couple years and never got around/saved up to buy it as my old mp3 worked adequately. Just as I was about to finally buy it I hear of the J3 heh. Now I know J3 boards tend to say the J3 is a worthy upgrade and D2 boards tend to disagree but I figure the J3 board will be less biased as more users will have tried the D2 while less D2 board members will have tried the J3. Is the J3 that much more user friendly than the D2? I can figure out most consumer technology and I can get used to the worst interfaces but I am lazy and busy with school atm so the quicker I can get my unit rolling the better. Do the J3's basic features make the D2 obsolete or does it not really matter (well screen size is obvious but I mean music directory, movie playblack, photo viewer document viewer etc)? How are the J3's search function and dual browsing, and is that album art 2.0 feature available right in the player or is it something you have to work with on the computer and send to the player? Those last 3 I am anticipating the most out of the small features of the J3.
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