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So yeah I went out and bought a wheel for it, and not the cheap one :P... Also picked up the newest need for speed game as it works with this wheel as well
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Is the new Need for Speed good?
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Yuki.. I have that wheel been using it since last year since GT5 prolouge came out.. it's a good wheel and I don't really have plans on buying the g27 yet.. enjoy it ^__^
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Fantastic, I purchased the Driving Force GT for Prologue. It gives the game a fresh outlook and made the game more enjoyable for me (I've played the older games, except for 4 for a very long time using the controller). The trigger and analogue control scheme just wasn't for me, compared to the wheel the analogue does not allow 900 degrees of turning.

I then went to get the Driving Force Wireless for fun and when friends come over (local multiplayer > online multiplayer). Still better than the controller, it has an emulated amount of rotation that scales to the Driving Force GT (basically you can turn more than with the analogue on the DS3). It doesn't have a full 900 degrees rotation but I'm glad it doesn't because of the design (flappy gas/brake buttons).

I went on to pre-ordering GT5 and received the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Nissan GT-R GT500 stealth cars. Decent cars but once I purchased a Ford GT, I didn't use either anymore.

One thing I miss from Prologue is the ability to use the tuning wheel on the Driving Force GT to navigate the menus.

Were it not for the wheel I wouldn't have bought GT5, the controller makes the game boring for me. I used to love using the controller in the first two games though, GT3 was a disappointment along with Concept, thus I never tried GT4.
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I wish I was rich!


Wondering how Thrustmaster's upcoming$599 T500RS wheel stacks up to the competition from Logitech and Fanatec? Haven't had your daily dose of heavy metal backing music? You'd better click play on the video embedded below. InsideSimRacing has managed to get one of the first wheels in the country and, while we're mildly jealous, we won't stop from passing on their impressions -- which aren't universally positive. The trick flip pedals that go from "F1" to "rally" style? Gimmicky. Rubber instead of leather? C'mon. Price? Astronomical. The rest of the impressions? You'll just have to start streaming to find out.
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I was thinking of getting that wheel as well as a racing setup , but I am probably moving out of the country soon and will wait since that shit cost more than its worth to ship around. I would never own a car in real life but hey i have had a shit load of fun with the racing force wheel , and really want something a bit better. It seems that the clutch pedal only works with the high end thrustmaster only works with the gear shifter and not the pedals, makes sense but i have not found the gear shifter info.
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