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Help Comfort - VB / HJE900

Right now I'm using Sansa E260 (1. version, rockbox on it) with some cheap earphones (some <10€ Sony, but got to admit they ain't too bad). The thing is, we got for my dad Sansa Clip which sound I love, and I advised my bro to buy VB, which also rocks, so now that I see you don't need big bucks for kick-ass system, I want to upgrade to something like that!

The problem with Hippo VB is that is doesn't suit my ear at all. The part that goes into the ear ain't the big problem although it might be a bit better if it was smaller or/and angled (I know I can switch tips but doesn't help much, smaller one is too small). The larger outer part is problem I think, because I can't manage to put them in good comfortable position. Problem is that if I place inner part inside my ear as I like, the outer part put's pressure on this part of my ear.

(not my ear )

If I want to ease the pressure I have to put them more inside my ear, but then it cause pain inside my ear which is even worst.
I would put them easy inside the ear, but then it usually just "pop out" after a minute.

So, reading this forum I found out about Panasonic HJE900 and it's good price over at J&R (cause my budget is 100$). I live in Croatia, but I got someone traveling in America by end of this year who could get them for me. They also do look a bit bigger, so I'm interested if they could cause same problem for me.

If someone got both earphones I would appreciate very much if he could take a photo of both of them to compare size.

All feedback is very welcome.

P.S. For example, I found this very comfortable (got them for my dad):
I guess cause they not too big and they angled. I got similar like this, but they ain't angled and they even smaller, so it's not a problem to get them in right angle since outer part don't matter much.
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