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Default ipod classic VS. Cowon X7 VS. Waiting

Dear Users,

In my search for a new mp3 player I came across this forum and I've got some great information regarding mp3 players. But I still have a few questions unanswered. I apologise on forehand as English is not my native language.

First my situation:
I'm owning a zen:vision M 30gb device. But the device is coming to an end. The battery life is decreasing and Iīm out of capacity. Currently owning about 45 gb of max setting VBR mp3 files. And the amount is still growing. I'm buying around 10 cd's a month on average.

My first tought was converting to VBR wma files. But honestly I donīt know if this saves any space. And I donīt think it would be around 33% if it would save some space at all. Then there comes a second problem, I donīt want to Rip all my cdīs again and find out it doesnīt solve my problem. Plus if I will buy a new mp3 player which supports other files then mp3 I might want to rip them again for space/quality rating.

Here came my second tought: Buting an ipod classic. Since it's the only affordable mp3 player with high capacity. But there is one problem I'm allergic to Itunes and Ipods/pads/phones in general. So this would really be a desperate measure. But it seemed the best options since it has lots of space. I'm already thinking of buying a ipod classic for half a year.

On the internets I came across the cowon X7. It offers more then I really want. I will only use it for music. But I hear great things about audio quality from cowon(and it isn't an Ipod). The biggest downside is the size. I want to put it in my pocket together with my phone. And that it isn't released yet.

Then an option which I find to expensive at the moment is an 64gb flash card player like the cowon j3. First of all it's more expensive then the Ipod classic and secondly my cd collection is growing fast so it wouldn't be able to handle my collection next year and I'm only paying $200-300 for a device I'm using for more then 2 years.

Then my last option is waiting till some 100gb + flash players come on the market. I wonder if anyone knows how long this will take?

a short summary of what I'm looking for in a mp3 players:
I mainly use it for audio
high capacity
can wait for some great options
budget: $200-300
earphones: sennheiser cx 250

can be big plus:
document showing

thank you for reading my story and thanks in advance for any information you guys can provide me


edit: I listen at low volumes and I've owned higher end earphones. But the extra bass didn't convice me of using them again. Will try better earphones if it increases quality within a budget of 100 $
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