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Default Broken Volume Control


My poor Cowon S9 recently suffered a fall, and the volume control has been slightly damaged. The left-hand side of the button is stuck in somehow. Now, as soon as I unlock the player, the volume rapidly falls to zero. It can be put back up, but it goes straight back down again as soon as it can.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm out of warranty, so I'd rather not send it back. Is there, perhaps, some way of disabling the volume control?
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I had this problem and had to send it back, I too was out of warrenty and had to pay 35 to get it repaired . Hope you can find a way to fix yours.
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Had a similar problem, but volume down just didn't work! A much worse problem you have...I would open it up following the guide stickied in the forum and see if you can't visibly see it depressing something...and un-depress it.

I have to say, the volume issue on the cowon s9 is one of its biggest thing they learned with the J3 I guess.
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