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Old 11-18-2010, 10:18 PM
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Default hours of battery life for current owners? and a question about flash on the j3

Hey everyone! So after 6 years I have finally decided to get a new mp3 player to replace my H320. It's given me its best years but the battery life went kaput (less than 10 minutes and it's drained) about 2 years back. I'm debating between the m1, the j3, and the itouch but it looks like I'll be going with the j3. (though you have to give itouch props for even making me consider it as a finalist b/c of its wifi and game library considering how anti-apple I usually am)

I just had a few questions before I ask for this for my birthday/Christmas present.

1) If anyone has done a battery test on their J3 what has been their average battery life? Or even if you haven't done a test b/c you're having too much fun using it, give me your best guess.
I have tried to look for user tests but mostly found posts about battery issues (i.e. faulty ones). Even the people who were happy with their battery said they only got around 35-40 hours playing mp3 with display off. While 35-40 hours is still good, that's a significant decrease from the 66 hours advertised. Though, I did find 2 websites that reviewed the J3 who said they got 50+ hours. So if you guys can, post hours of video/mp3 playback, how many recharges you had under the belt before this test or roughly how long you had it, what model you have (some people said 32gb got less batt than 16gb), how often display was on in your testing, anything else that might be important to battery life I might've missed. I know this has been somewhat discussed in other threads but this exact question was more danced around or didn't get a lot of answers.

2) I was wondering what is stopping the J3 from using adobe flash player 10.1? Is it a question of just a firmware update? Or can the hardware not support flash 10? The reason I'm asking is because I know kongregate has created a bunch of mobile games for the android, but I'm pretty sure those are based on flash 10.1. On a related note, Flash 10.1 games I read can support multi-touch, does the J3's hardware have the ability in the future to support such games since it can do pinch zoom?
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