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Default Koss KSC75 behind the head conversion

So I have had some ksc75s in my drawer for....well, ever. I dont use them because they are a pain to get on and they dont press on my ears enough for me to get the good sound from them. I have been thinking how great they would be if I could get some press to them. The parts express head band mod is kind weak in that area too. I have seen a set mounted to a px100 band, but they are pricey phone to rip apart. So I decided to practice on a set of cobys I had laying around from a portable DVD player.

First I popped off the drivers. that was easy. just pull. Finding out how to remove the plastic backing was tougher.

After poking around it for a little bit the silver logo piece went flying and exposed a screw.

took out the screws and pulled the wire out of the band. and ended up with this...

I used a nail file to grind down the little nipple on the ksc75 to get a flat surface. Here is where I did something dumb. I was doing all of this at work and didn't have my small drill bits. So I thought I could just use the screw to thread the whole. Of course this ended up being crooked and jacking up the montuing surface. I hate being impatient sometimes. It causes problems. So after I messed up one of them I decided to wait. When I got home I drill out the other side and was able to get it on the headband.

I am going to try and build the mounting post back up with epoxy and then drill into the epoxy and see if it will hold a screw. If glue gun, here I come.
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