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Let us know how they sound once you've listened longer than the 5 min you stated on irc

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Great to see a protection on the cord split, I'm pretty sure that's what caused mine to tank. Still waiting on an email from Jaben, I may reemail them again later tonight.
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Hey guys, got recommended these from someone in the forums...had a few questions. Are they good with mp3 files as long as they are higher bit rate? And read somewhere that buying the Comply Foam Tips makes them more comfortable and sound a little better?
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Hey everyone, i can't find an old thread about the VBs falling apart, so i just write in here:
Today the right earpiece broke, i was putting it in my ear and it felt...wrong...and i heard some 'scratching' ... and that was the glue that crumbled... so now i can move the front part, i think i could even take it off...
They still work, so it is just the casing... cables are ok...
It is a bit dissappointing however, because i treated them with a LOT of care, hell one can still see the 'original' bends in the cable that they had since unpacking :-/

I bought them in march 2010, so unfortunately there won't be any warranty (?)...

Maybe someone knows how to glue the parts together?

I could just buy some metal glue - BUT: if the wiring inside goes wrong after some time (which it hopefully doesn't), it could be impossible to open it up again, so the glue would have to create just enough adhesion to hold the parts together but not that much it would make the parts inseperable...

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I hope its not an inconvenience rezzing this thread from the dead but theres no other thread this complete. 3 questions that are a bit unclear though.

I have the 630s at the moment.

How does the 630s compare to the Hippo VBs in the following categories?

Low Bass? Mids? Trebles?

Personally i love the boomy bass of the 630s but am looking for an upgrade.

I will be using a set of DIY molded pieces so comfort and fitment is not an issue. Basically asking for a straight up sound quality comparison here.

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hi there,

good threads never die imo

glad to see my old thread coming back from the dead too

as you see i started of with the 630s and they were a really good pair of starter iems i reckon - the VBs are something else - the bass makes you feel ill!! sometimes anyway - thats with the big bass plates on.

i only gave them up found that my ears dont like iem style cans, i prefer buds

only ones ive found better (not in raw bass that is) are my bose ie2s

to sum up - the hippos will kick the 630s arse for power!

i found the 630s a bit muddy sound wise - the senn 300iis are clearer imo

good luck

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