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Default Sony SAVA-700

A few weeks ago I decided to set up a 5.1 sound system in my room to listen to when I'm on the computer, and for that I used my Sony SAVA-700 that had been w/o being used for a long period of time (years).

Everything seemed to work just fine, and they sure sound absurdly good, never thought I would ever think that my Logitech X-230 sound like crap, but then again, it's almost incomparable. Anyway, a couple of days ago, while listening to some music, the front speakers stopped from reproducing any sound, well actually the bass/lows was still there (the lower part of the front speakers kept working) but the higher part from where all highs and mids come out wouldn't work. Quite weird I thought, and trying to jump a bit, I did test everything I could, all the simple things I guess... Checked connections, everything really. So the only way I could get them working again would be to unplug them, wait a while, and plug them back in again, everything would work just fine like it should, but it kept with doing the same thing from time to time.

Since it happens after a while of being on, the only thing I can think of is overheat! Which is weird because when I put my hand behind the main speaker (front left) right in front of the fan, that's cooling it down, I can barely feel any heat, which is the opposite of before, I clearly remember it to produce some heat when I first set it up on my room.

I decided to dismount the speaker (just those backplates where the connections are and the 'grid' in front of the speakers), and I have small knowingness about electronic and everything seems just fine in my eyes.

I was hoping to get some help here, anything that could help me find the source of the problem or even fix it, it's not a good time to spend some money on fixing this, and even harder to find some place where they would, since it's such an old sound system.

Thanks in advance!
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