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Thumb Up REVIEW-Klipsch Image One

I've been on ABI for 3 years now and, unfortunately haven't really contributed too much. However, starting with this review, I hope to change that.

Today, I'll be reviewing the brand new, Klipsch Image One headphones.
These are Klipsch's first foray into the over-the-head market. I picked these up for $150 from the local Apple store and am happy to report, they're worth every penny.

Read on for the details.....

DESIGN On-ear, Dynamic Moving Coil 40mm Speaker
DIMENSIONS Driver diameter: 40mm
Packaging: 9.9" H x 7.5" W x 2.7" D
WEIGHT 138.3 grams
FEATURES mic+3-button remote
FINISHES Black/Chrome

The box is pretty unassuming and the Apple store even had it hanging from a peg, right next to the Dre Beats and Skullcandy's. Say wha??? But fret not. It's whats inside that counts, and these count in a big way.

The box is exactly the same size as the B&W box.

Accessories include a nice zippered pouch, the typical 1/8" to 1/4" headphone adapter, an airline adapter, the manual, the warranty card, etc. Pretty much what you'd expect to find when de-boxing headphones. But you're not reading this to hear about accessories, so let me get right to it.

The Image One's are quite nice looking and seemingly well built. Although plastic is the primary material, it's quite sturdy and unlike the "creaky" Dre Beats. The leather patches on the outside of each 'phone are a nice touch and when mixed with the "chrome" accents, such as the Klipsch name, look really nice. The cable is actually thicker than most and seems to be quite sturdy. These are something you'll feel proud wearing and you actually feel as if your money was well spent.

Audio quality is VERY good. I've got probably 30 pairs of earphones/headphones floating around, and the only pair I like more than these, are the B&W P5s. But not by much.

BASS: If you're looking for a super-flat set of headphones, these aren't it. These have a VERY NICE bass response, but without sounding like a "fart cannon" and/or disturbing the rest of the spectrum. This is in contrast to a lot of other 'phones that can't seem to quite get it right. They're either all bass and trash the mids and highs (Dre Beats), or they are super clear from 800Khz on up, but have very little bass response(Etymotic HF3). It seems as if Klipsch finally got it right.

: The mids and highs are ultra smooth and there weren't any noticeable spikes, which could lead to audio fatigue. The bass seems to be the only aspect that is a bit "colored". I listened to several genre's of music from Dubstep to Classical and was equally impressed with the performance on them all. I could literally pick out the instruments being played and I felt as if I was right there in the studio.

COMFORT: These are a closed-back, supra-aural headphones. Meaning they sit on the ear, instead of over it. That being said, the soft leather pads and the design make them quite comfortable. I was able to listen for extended periods of time (2hrs+) without any major discomfort. My ears were, not surprisingly, a bit warm after use, but that's about it. Very nice.

MIC/IPOD CONTROLS: The control "stick" is located down on your chest, right where the "Y" splits off. Some may not like this as much as having it up by your ears, but I actually prefer this design. To me, it's just easier to reach and control. The downside to having the stick lower is the mic is now further away from your mouth. That being said, I found mic clarity to be a bit muffled, and a heavy wind would cause the typical "audio-blowout", but neither were bad enough for me to consider a major negative. I don't use these on my iDevices much anyway.

SOUND LEAKAGE: The leather and foam pads do a nice job of keeping the sound in your ears, where it belongs. In fact, with a perfect "seal", I heard no leakage at all with my Fuze full-throttle. However, once the seal is lost, you do get some leakage (to be expected), but it's still nothing to be overly concerned about. I would feel comfortable using these in a library, as long as I didn't have the volume full-blast.

The "clicker"

I simply cannot recommend these enough. I read somewhere that these were designed to be the Image S4's in a full size form factor. This is not the case. These sound very different from the S4's, and in a good way. The clarity, bass response and soundstage is pretty amazing. If you've been primarily an IEM user, and aren't going to the gym everyday, you owe it to yourself to try a pair. You'll be pleasantly surprised. They're priced right, look right and most importantly, sound right. A winner in my book.

Sorry about the finger smudges


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