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Default Auvio Elements Earbuds

Auvio Elements Earbuds

So my first review, I decided to write one on a pair of earbuds that I picked up at RadioShack.

There aren't very many information floating around the web for these so I decided to write up a review for those who are considering buying these.

After my JVC Marshmallows broke, I really needed a pair to replace them. I saw the originally priced $24.99 Auvio Elements on sale for $19.99 and decided to go for them. I got the Mercury model which just indicates the color I guess (only one available).

Sorry I don't have the original packaging and information and for the image quality

Packaging and stuff: Opening the packaging, I got 3 sets of silicone tips in small, medium, and large sizes, a cord holder you can wrap around in, and the earbuds themselves. The packaging was done nice. Placed in a separate plastic mold that fits the rectangular box snugly. Not that packaging really matters too much haha.

Not the very best quality. Almost all of it is plastic, and even the “metallic” portion is just plastic. I can deal with that but the real issue is in the cable. They in my opinion are built horribly, as they tangle and feel very cheap. I liked the JVC Marshmallow’s cable much better.
However the cable is a decent length. Longer than the Marshmallows

Fit and isolation:
These fit very comfortably and with three different tip sizes, you can get a more exact comfortable fit. Coming from the Marshmallows, the silicone tips were really light and comfortable compared to the foam tips. They seal pretty well, and with a gently press, they lock in and out to create that seal. Isolation is good, but they did not isolate as well as the Marshmallows.

When I first bought these, I wanted to return them. The sound was so muddled that I just didn’t want them. I tried to return them at RadioShack, but they said they couldn't’ take back IEM that were used (go figure). So with nothing to use on the go, I grudgingly used these earbuds. I played around with the EQ and got it to produce a listenable sound. After a several weeks, I noticed that I was enjoying listening to these earbuds. Perhaps the burn-in helped the sound quality. I then turned the EQ off and decided to sit and review the sound.

The Bass: There is a TON of bass. It’s really loud and hits hard. I personally prefer less bass (although I do like a strong, punchy bass for some of the songs I listen to) and without EQ settings, the bass heavy songs were just too much. I probably just have low tolerance, but I was having headaches on some of the Trance/Techno songs I was listening too.
The Mids: this is where the IEM falls short. It is very recessed, covered up by the loud almost overwhelming bass. However, with some EQ adjustments, you can help bring out the mids more. Still, not as clear as I wanted.
The Highs: Again without EQ, the Highs were also recessed. Not as bad as the mids, but still covered. But with EQ adjustment, I actually got a pleasantly clear sounding highs. I actually enjoyed listening to vocal songs. I was really surprised on how highs opened and clarified. Overall, I can not listen to these without adjusting the EQ. The loud excess bass just overshadows the rest of the sound spectrum. However, with EQ adjustment I really enjoy listening to these.When I switch from no EQ settings to EQ, it feels almost literally like a muffler or some covering has been lifted off my ears. Makes be breath a sigh of relief

I find these earbuds fun to listen too. However, like I stated earlier, I can not listen to these without EQ adjustment. The bass just overwhelms and muddles the mids and highs too much for me to enjoy what I am listening to. But with the EQ adjustment, I enjoy the sound I am getting out of these earbuds. The strong punchy bass and the clean highs complement each other nicely.
For the money, I don't think these are a bad buy for those who wants lots and lots of bass. I'm glad I didn't return these now

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