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Default HELP-- e200v2 vs Fuzev2

Hey guys, been reading on this forum for a while before making my purchase on a new sansa e250v2, but now im doubting myself! im buying it on *amazon* and i still have time to cancel payment on it and select a different one..

after doing more reading, im now unclear as to the difference in SQ on the e200v2 vs the fuzev2, on amazon the fuze is only 8$ more... I really like the size of the e200 but concerened with its batterly life using rockbox. from what i can tell the fuzev2 has more than double the battery life... but then again the replacable battery on the e200 will help in the long run... the bigger and vertical screen on the fuze is nice too, but ive read that the fuze's have a bunch of problems.. from what i can tell the e200 is more reliable.

As you can see im quite lost lol... I used to think i was indicisive... but now im not so sure...

I'd love some input from you guys here. I will be using rockbox on either one.. I'd like to know the differences in SQ between the e200v2 and fuzev2 and durability and anything else you guys can think of thx!
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