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Originally Posted by venares View Post
how long did it take you until the battery went down? Fortunately after I have the 3ed retour to samsung mine is workin fine - they have changed the mainbord and I tried a lot to brick it again but it is still resisting.
i'm not sure, but maybe about 2 days or less depend on your last battery state
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[QUOTE=dhtml7;511301]WinXP will pick up the player as a new device called "SE Blank MARLEY". (No drivers under this name exist when Googled

I am having exact same problem,i just bought mine second hand and it only worked for a couple of days,now its doing the same as everyone else,i googled this issue and it seems that there is many many people having the same problem,i did the reset/hold the power button/plug the usb cable in,thats the only way i can get my laptop to recognise it,then it comes up with this SE BLANK MARLEY b*llsh*t,and a driver does'nt exsist,if this driver could help the owners to do a D.I.Y repair,why wont samsung release the driver for people to download ?
i have an ipod touch,and i hate using itunes as it totally limits what you can do with it,also itunes is confusing..thats why i wanted to try something different,but this R1 is rubbish,at least apple provide an easy recovery method for when it crashes,this rubbish samsung player is making the ipod touch look good,there is a brilliant player that i recommend,its the Sony Nwz818,i used to own one and they are brilliant,but i was stupid enough to sell it,but i wish i did'nt now..
So..if anyone can find this elusive SE BLANK MARLEY Driver,could you put a link up please so i can at least "try" to fix this thing and get it working again,because at the moment its now sat there wasting away,along with my money that i paid for it..

P.s sorry i sound rash,this is not my normal nature or attitude,but i've been messing with this thing for days now with no joy,and i have done lots and lots and lots of searching and browsing website with no joy,i feel like stamping on it,they should put a stress warning on these when they sell them
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The driver cannot be released sorry and even if it was, you would still miss the recovery tool.
I'm sorry about that. If you lived in France, I would unbrick it for free as I've already done for many people.
Meanwhile you are obliged to send it back to the after-sales service center unfortunately...
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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