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Default NEW Flow Browser [S9/J3 browser replacement] by El Maco

From El Maco:
Here's my browser UCI alternative for Cowon S9 (and J3). This is likely my last S9-related project since I'm quite satisfied with the result... Let's call it Flow Browser for now unless someone can think of a better name

The purpose of this browser is to allow visual browsing of the music library, exclusively. Any other kind of content will not be available, one must use the regular text-based browser for all the rest. To be able to access the regular browser, the dictionary functionality will be lost.

Here's the basic view:

Here's a
demonstrating the usage (credits & thanks to da1writer!).

The requirement familiar from my previous music UCI still applies: you will have to build the browser every time you add new content to the device (or when you remove something). This is because the UCI needs to contain all the image data from your music collection to allow better graphic performance. Constantly synchronizing the browser can come across as inconvenience -- only you can judge for yourself if its worth the additional trouble or not.

MakeBrowser is a small Windows application that does (most of) the synchronizing work for you. The usual limitations still apply:
  • Operation is strictly folder-based, no tag information is supported. If your music collection is not properly organized in subfolders you will need to organize it first - one way or the other
  • Each folder must contain a cover.jpg which will be used as the artwork
  • Folder structure is limited in depth; X:/Music/1/2/*.mp3 is supported but X:/Music/1/2/3/*.mp3 is not (too deep)
  • If you can browse the albums but some of them are non-selectable there is probably something wrong with the folder names
  • Create an empty folder anywhere on your computer (if you have used Flow music UI* you can share the location)
  • Extract MakeBrowser.exe and resource2.uci in there
  • Download swfmill.exe from and put that in the same place
  • Connect your device & backup all data just in case
  • Rename your current browser_total.swf (X:/System/Flash UI) as powerdicrun.swf.
  • Yes, the above means that you just lost the dictionary! I had to override some system component for the traditional browser shortcut and I chose that one. If you don't want to override the dictionary you will lose the ability to browse your files the usual way (until you remove this album browser of course).
  • Run MakeBrowser.exe and pick the drive letter of your device
  • You can choose to ignore any missing artwork or provide the missing images while building the library (albums without artwork won't show up in the browser at all)
  • You can combine this browser with music UCI of choice
  • One last thing that I cannot stress enough: using a high-FPS launcher.swf (e.g. the one from the Klaus browser package**) makes a big difference in performance! For the optimal performance I also recommend disabling system wallpaper in the settings.
  • Manually delete or replace browser_total.swf from X:/System/Flash UI
  • Manually delete X:/AACache.1 (entire folder; replace X with the correct drive letter ofc)
  • Swipe right to enter the regular browser
  • Swipe left to enter the music screen
  • Tap an album to select it. Tap outside the album to cancel the selection, or, inside the album to view track list
  • To send a particular album to the browser or music screen, swipe horizontally when the album is selected
  • Hold finger anywhere on the screen for a second to activate search (normal browsing mode only)
  • In search mode, tap outside the keyboard to accept the search result and/or return to normal browsing
  • You can search with alphabetic characters only. If there are blanks or non-alphabetical characters in the name simply leave them out
  • Currently, search will only match from the beginning of the artist name. Album title search might be added later
J3 support
  • Should work, but only the internal memory is supported. SD card contents cannot be browsed!
Unicode support
  • Albums with two levels deep folder structure may not be selectable (X:/Music/Artist/Album), otherwise should work
As always, you use these programs on your own risk. I claim no responsibility for any data loss or any other kind of unfortunate event that might occur.

*) Compatibility with Flow
Due to an issue that I have not been able to resolve, this browser cannot be used at the same time with Flow. I recommend Dark Evolution music UI - its really good.

**) I use Klaus Browser "1.52 Lite" which works great with this UI.

Version history & download

Version history & download

Version 1.00
  • First release
Version 1.01
  • Moved album titles up one step for more logical layout
  • MakeBrowser created library with wrong alphabetical order in some cases; should work better now
Version 1.02
  • Added shuffle play option in track list viewer
  • Increased maximum number of albums
Version 1.03P
  • This version is intended for improved compatibility with Kizune's Aero Music UI.
  • MakeBrowser will create coverflow.swf instead of browser_total.swf
  • To access this browser, install Aero Music and its appropriate helper plugin
  • No need to rename the normal browser to powerdicrun anymore

Side Note: The video above was recorded with Claws launcher, the 40 fps or 120 fps of Klaus launcher makes things 1000% faster/smoother !

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