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Default Porting Rockbox to YP-R0 (FAQ in the 1st post)

EDIT lebellium January, 21st 2013: LightROM 4.6

Useful links:

How to install Rockbox?
-New firmware 2.51 dualboot:

-New LightROM 4.6 (Rockbox-only!)

-Old firmware 2.30 dualboot (not recommended):
  • Download the modded firmware 2.30 and install it like any official firmware (put the R0.R0M file at the root of the R0 and turn the player on)
    Modded Firmware 2.30 is based on the modded firmware 2.20 and therefore provides the same advantages and features (Safe Mode and DRK in case of brick, UI customization etc....see here for more info about the fw 2.20). Besides, it adds the Rockbox bootloader as well as the auto-shutdown when you disconnect the R0 from the computer in Safe Mode.
  • Download this zip archive and extract it. Just put the and si4709.ko files at the root of the R0, i.e where all main folders are (Music, Pictures, Videos etc)
  • Download the latest Rockbox build (this link is updated at every commit). Extract the archive and put the .rockbox folder at the root of the R0.
  • By default the Samsung app loads first. To load Rockbox you have to press & hold the central key during the boot (screen with the Samsung logo). To load Rockbox first by default, put an empty file named autostart_RB at the root of the device. You can also download it here. IMPORTANT: Rockbox can only load if the device is fully off and not in standby mode. To turn it fully off, just press reset.

Is it safe to install Rockbox?
If you follow carefully all the steps above, there is no risk. The Modded Firmware 2.30 or 2.51 is no more no less dangerous than the latest stock firmware 1.25, the original features and bugs are still present. The improvements have been carefully tested.

How to uninstall Rockbox?
You don't want Rockbox anymore? Just delete the .rockbox folder as well as the loader file and that's it! We advise you to keep the firmware 2.30 or 2.51 though, particularly for the Safe Mode.

Install Rockbox themes for R0
The R0 has been showing up on the official theme page for a few months now: As themes are only sorted by screen resolution, any theme for another 240*320 target (Sansa Fuze+, Toshiba Gigabeat etc) is theoretically compatible.
You can find my theme lebellium Samsung-like especially designed for the R0 on the official website here or on ABI here.

The R0 displays "system checking" at every startup before loading Rockbox. How to get rid of that?
First you have to start the Samsung app instead of Rockbox after the "system checking". Then turn off the device (only press the power button for 2-3 seconds) and press the reset hole. Power it on and you'll see the annoying "system checking" has gone!

I don't find my songs using the Rockbox file browser. Where are they?
On the main menu go to Files>mnt. Then you can see several directories: media0=internal memory, media1="neo-ghost" hidden memory and mmc=microSD.
You can start file browsing at a specific folder. For example if you want to start the browsing in the Music folder of the internal memory, just go to Files>mnt>media0 and make a long press on the "select" button when you are on the "Music" folder. In the context menu select "Start File Browser here". That's it!

Originally Posted by slade
Hello Everybody, as may be already seen in the other thread. I am starting my attempt to port the yp-r0 to rockbox. It is indeed a difficult task and I am grateful for everybody wanting to help on this.

Just a short outline on how far I am at the moment:
  • gathered almost all drivers needed to compile rockbox itself
  • able to extract the firmware thanks to the other post
  • now working on poking with bootloader
  • the only option i see so far is to compile a custom zImage with rockbox kernel and creating own cramfs with rockbox but Sysdata.bin ist still a pain as we dont know how to extract it yet to replace with rockbox

basically its either completly replacing the firmware which is not what I really intend or to poke around and try to abuse a bootloader to dual boot both system which infact would be the nicer way to do it.

Anyway if you think you have the time and skills to help please let me know.


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