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Default Bookmarking non files

My iAudio G3 is on the blink (earphone jack cuts out player) so I have been hunting for a new player. I love my G3 and knew it was a good purchase but am only now fully appreciating how many features the little thing has.
I love podcasts, I am a BBC addict. I have a huge collection of MP3 downloads (not many files tho) from there and elsewhere.
In hunting for a new player I noticed the Philips Vibe (2010 model not old one) has capacity for loads of bookmarks ... Yeah! Only when I got it home did I realise that they only work with files (.aa)

I am gutted. I like the thing cos it's a beautiful metallic red, same size as G3 but half the thickness. Not fussed about it's dinky video - I just want to listen MP3s and the radio, nothing more.

Many of my MP3s are 40 minutes or more and I often need to interrupt my listening, often changing to a different MP3 when I resume. The G3 had bookmarks for every MP3, just hold down the record button, thats it.

I have scoured the net for bookmark capable MP3 players but posts are 2008 and older (mostly older) and even looking at a supposedly more recent page on cnet still referred to older (mostly unobtainable models) and really only for files.
But I have found that this is an important feature for the majority of owners, yet there is little response from makers to fulfill this need, except in cunjunction with downloads.
My idea of bookmarking is just that, you bookmark that file at that place. Most players can resume where you left off, but that is not the same because usually if you switch to another MP3 file and return your position will be lost. Oddly enough, on the video playback for the Vibe, if you pause and go to a different file then return, it will resume playback

So my question is this ... is there a player today that is of small size and still has such a bookmarking function for ordinary MP3s?
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