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Default Cowon X7 UI on Cowon S9!

Originally Posted by Scrapz
So, personally, I don't like the new Cowon X7, but I have to say that their new UI is kinda interesting.

Download X7 UI

This isn't all of the UI's, just a few of the most important ones, as I haven't finished sorting them all out yet.
Also, these are the untouched version, so you will find a few bugs. They work fine on the S9 for the most part, and I guess they should also work on the J3.
Original thread:

Scrapz from the iaudiophile forum found the leaked UI and I provide a video ! Enjoy and please comment!

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looks good. I'll have to try it out
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It doesn't work that well, for once the music UCI doesn't have any glitch / pixelated covers, in fact it actually zoom on your covers which is pretty nice . But when I get to the browser I can't go anymore in the main menu I have to switch to a video to be able to do that. And for some reasons the volume and the time show 00:00 00 always, but it looks promising anyway .
I'm using a 32Go J3 firmware 2.22 (latest).
What I'd like that must be really tough to get is having miniatures with the browser like in windows when you name a picture : Folder.jpg. Because my music is very organized and when I like more than 3 songs from an artist I make a folder with his photo .

By the way for mp3s windows display the embedded cover on the mp3 when you switch to big icons, I'd like it to work with Flac !!!!
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Pressing the play/pause button on every menu brings you back to the main menu.
Holding the play/pause button on the mainmenu brings up a pop-up window to switch mainmenu's.
Thus X7 UI is fully workable, the only bugs are as follows:

1) Undefined in alot of areas in regards to Settings.
2) G-sensor is accessed, the area on the J3/S9 gets particularly HOT but nothing seems to function.
3) Because of #2 (above), Video and Pictures are a bit broken...
4) Every stroke in Notepad causes the "notepad" to shift downward.
5) Next/Previous Hardware buttons are reversed in regards to music (music UI, mainmenu UI while music is playing, etc.)
6) Brightness widget goes up to 7 and only able to go back down to minimum or 2 by entering the Settings display menu (even that in Settings Display, the brightness setting can only go up to 2?).
7) No way to Exit menus beside doing the above (play/pause button)
8) Bottom bar in the menus w/clock etc. not working properly for J3 devices
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