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Angry HELP! will not play from 1 cd to the next.

am i doing something wrong? i have been through every setting a dozen times. and talked to a samsung tech, forums, reviews, etc, no help. when i click on an "artist" say: Ozzy, and i have 8 CDs from him, and when i get to the end of the last song of a cd, it, if on "normal" will just stop playing. if on "repeat", it will keep repeating THAT cd.... and not go on to the next cd!!! if i click "artists", then in the artist, it will give me an "all" option, but then it plays "all" songs (from the 8 cds) in alphabetical order!!!

this is my 4th mp3 player (0 iPODS) and i have never come across (the lack) of this feature. one should not have to reach in your pocket, unlock it, play with a few screens, re-lock it, and put it back in your pocket with every new cd. some of my cds are only a few tracks long from pre-editing. not having this feature has made this player VERY annoying and just a plain hassle. i primarily use this at work and (used to anyway) just hit a few buttons and it would play all night without having to take it out all night long.

i am using, now when i chatted with the sammy tech, she showed me something about song hierarchy in the advanced options WHEN my player is plugged in, i found that to uncheck it, but was greyed out and could not un-check it.

i dont know why no one has mentioned this in all the reading about this player i have done. i would NOT have bought this had i known. (the Sony's still have noticeably better sound than the P3 by the way.)
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Every Samsung DAP since the P2 (2007) stops at the end of an album/folder. I also find it annoying but that's it. You can't do anything except buy an old Samsung DAP or a recent one from another brand.
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thank you for that, i now have to decide if i want to try to re-sell it at less than a week old, or turn my entire library into a few playlists. i have decided i HATE touch screens too now, along with samsung.
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