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Default Still unable to install zune software...

I've been unable to install the zune software on my laptop for quite some time. As you can imagine, it's fairly aggravating having an MP3 player that can not be updated with new material.

My problems began when I decided to install the zune software on an external hard drive. I soon discovered that this was a horrible idea; the software was giving me all sorts of errors so I decided to uninstall it. This was a few months ago, so the details are pretty vague, but I'm pretty sure I was unable to properly uninstall it, so I just wiped the external hard drive.

When I tried to install the software without the external hard drive, I got a message that the software was already up to date. Bah...

Anyway, the program was not listed in the control panel anymore, so I tried using CCleaner to delete client registry errors. It did get rid of some things that were left over from the installation, but when I tried to install the zune software I got the same message.

I figured I would just wait until the next software update was available so that the message would have to change. Now that the software finally has been updated, I'm getting a new message - it's telling me that the path I have chosen is invalid, because it thinks I'm still trying to install the software to the external drive, which is currently not plugged in. There is no option to change the path.

If I do plug the drive in and try to install the software, it actually shows a progress bar, but gets an error message when the bar reaches 100%.

When I looked around various forums a while back, I noticed that other people who tried to install to external drives had similar problems. I don't think anyone had a solution.

Does anyone here have a suggestion? The Zune HD is a pretty nice player until you run into stupid microsoft problems like this.
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