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Default The Archos Key?

My mom said she wants a simple MP3 player for her birthday, and I recently stumbled across this one, apparently called the Archos Key:

It's a 4GB MP3 player with a little screen and a MicroSD card slot, all for $35. It's designed like a USB stick, which reminds me of the old Sansa Express, so my mother won't lose a cable or anything. It sounds great, but I can barely find any info about it.

I haven't found any professional reviews of the thing, and there are a few things that concern me about it. The screen looks like a friggin' antique, especially compared to the Clip+'s super-high-contrast screen, and most of the anecdotes I found out about it on Google aren't promising. They say the audio quality is superb, but it has barely any features, its interface goes against common sense, and it would fall apart basically as soon as she got it.

My mom doesn't use things like podcasts or whatnot, so she doesn't need a terrifically big features set, but I also hear that navigating the device is a nightmare, which I doubt she would be a fan of. For $35, though, I could certainly do worse with a rubbish Coby or something.

My mom doesn't need more than 2GB, I don't think she has a lot of music, but she's pointed out specifically that she would use it while walking. This leads me to wonder if I should get something more suitable for a walking player, like a Philips, or just declare "Hell with it" and get a Sansa Clip+.
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I'd go for the Sansa Clip+, if the price it too high look for a refurbished original Clip. I have 3 refurbs and they came in new condition for a very low price and all are still working fine after a year of use.

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I'd also suggest either a clip, or a clip+. The Archos players aren't know for their reliability - but the clip/+ is solid as a rock. Plus, as suggested by WG, the clip can be had at a discount if you'd like to go the refurb route. I've never had an issue when I purchased a refurb.
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Definitely Clip/Clip+.
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I'd get a samsung or a Clip+ instead. That thing just looks wrong.
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This was on sale at Future Shop in Canada last week for 29 bucks. I guess my question is why not spend a little bit more on your mom? I think that most people will appreciate a better spec'd device once they get used to it.
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