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Thumb Down REVIEW - UK Sony NWZ-A845

I Can't Post this in the revies section for some unknow reason but here we go.

Okay so after owning : Ipods & cheepo random MP3 players and NW-A808 & NWZ-826 & NWA 3000 players over the last few years, i expected to get another great mp3 player.

Looks :
The Player looks nice slim design and a funky retro silver disc pattern surrounding the main navigation controls, that reminds me of my turntables.
Nice big screen so you don't have to squint to focus on the screen.

Ill give it 8/10 for looks

After using the same button lay outs, i found the buttons to be in good placeson the player, nice and easy to get to with your fingers, however this is where it all goes bad.

My previous players had non-flush buttons or little bumps on them so you could feel them with your firngers, the A series has flush navigation buttons with exception of the HOLD, VOLUME UP & PLAY / PAUSE button.

This makes in pocket navigation tedious as unless you make a serious effort to learn where the buttons are, be the player upside down or the right way up in your pocket the buttons take a few attempts to hit as you hope.

Say for example you want to take it off hold, change track but the next track is too loud.

The hold button is easy to find, but then the right or left button is almost impossible to find by touch, then you go for the voulme down button and it does not stick out as far as the volume up button and has no nipple on it meaning you cant feel the two buttons to make a well placed press of the correct one.

Then there's the issue of if you hit the down button by accident, you enable an playback option marker A-B and when the points are set it loops that selected start and end point, extremely annoying and some what useless ! and because of this there is the fumble of not being able to select the artist or album from the playing track by pressing the down key, this was a great feature and helped me flit through songs on one album or by one artist, now this is gone you must back track navigate to find what your looking for why the A-B feature was implemented is beyond me !

Video play back is nice, but like any PMP i have never used this feature as i own a smart phone and have no need to watch films or TV on a small screen.

As for the NC mode its just annoying ! the sound quality drops when using the NC mode low frequency sounds are washed out, and the weird pressure changes cause me discomfort, its a gimmic if you ask me and if your out and about listening to music you dont want to be totally be cut off from the outside world or you wont hear your station annoucment or that car thats . . . To late

For function i give it a 3/10


Adding Music :
The sync option is great with windows media player ! my extensive music collection can be synced from any of my laptops / PCs in the house & business.

I wont use the Itunes Function because i refuse to have the software installed on my hardware, but why anyone who buys a walkman over an Ipod and then wishes to use ITUNES is beyond me !

Battery :
The Battry lasts me 2 & 1/2 8 hour working days so im more than impressed, and with the brightness down to level 2 and all the sound improvements on i can get 3 maby 4 working days out of it.

Volume :
Well as im used to loud volumes being a DJ & working in noisy environments, the volume with AVLS is still too low for some situations, and the player cant drive my DJ cans with enough power, which previous models did.

for this section i give the player 7/10

Overall :

A nice looking player works great with WMP / ITUNES, plays back video if you want to & has noise cancelling if you need it or want weird pressure headaches.

But with a poor button marking and frankly poor slow firmware and horrid navigation and the low volume issue, its flawed and is by far the worst MP3 player i have ever used.

Sony have a nice idea here but, forgot the basics over a cool design and OLED high rez display and NC.

Maby the firmware related stuff will be fixed with an update at a later date, and i hope we can unlimit the sound pressure for EU country's.

6/10 for this player, don't buy it unless you want the NC modes and to say i have an A series.
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